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Greece Court’s landmark judgement against the Golden Dawn Organization proves the existence and affirmation of democract

Greece is celebrating today as the public is pleased with the decision of the court regarding the Golden Dawn political party. Not only the public, even the President and Prime Minister has also commented on the decisions of the court. The trial against the Golden Dawn party has been going on since 2015. Finally, it seems that Greece has indeed upheld its democracy today. Let’s know in details about the political party and what they did that led to their removal.

About the Political Party: Golden Dawn

Nikolaos Michaloliakos founded the Golden Dawn political party 35 yeras ago on January 1, 1935. It is a criminal organization that firmly believes and follows the ideals of Neo-Nazism and Fascist. Their political position was far-right, and the colours of their part flag are the combination of red, black, and white. Furthermore, Nikolaos openly supported racism and some previous Greek dictators. He was also a denier of Holocaust and gives at party rallies, the salute of Hitler. However, the political party’s popularity began slowly decreasing with losing all of their seats in the Greek legislative election of 2019.

Violence and Criminal Inquiry: Golden Dawn

In 2013, a supporter of the Golden Dawn party murdered an anti-fascist rapper, Pavlos Fyssas. It was then a criminal inquiry against the party took place along with the pre-trial detention and arrest of the leader and many other MPs of the party. However, in 2015, the official trial against them began. The party and its members have also previously done many unlawful and criminal activities. They carried out hate crimes and acts of violence against immigrants, ethnic minorities, gay-persons, and political opponents. Their violence acts are in Football hooliganism of October 6, 1999, Antonios Androutsopoulos case, Imia on 2008, assault on MP Liana Kanelli, etc. In 2012, they also via taking advantage of a financial crisis secured 18 MPs.


Trial and Verdict: Golden Dawn

The trial took place against the leader of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos and eighteen other 2012 elected MPs. In parliament, they do not have MPs and also attacked the migrants and political opponents after they had won 7% of the vote in 2012. Giorgos Roupakias, a supporter of Golden Dawn, confessed to the killing of Pavlos Fyssas in September of 2013. He got stabbed in Piraeus after chased down by Thugs. Greece’s Supreme Civil and Criminal Court gave the verdict on October 7, 2020. They held the political party to be a criminal organization and also found them guilty of various other crimes. The sentence left for delivering even though the verdicts got announced for all the defendants and the leader.

Reactions of Greece: Golden Dawn

Public and political spectrum alike had disgust against the Golden Dawn organization. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece, said that the Republic and independent judiciary both acted against the organization. At first, the Republic had expelled them, and now the judiciary also gave the verdict. There was also a massive crowd outside Athen’s court when the verdict took place. Katerina Sakellaropoulou, President of Greek, also said that democracy’s important day was the verdict and also the proof that no one can undermine the Greek institutions. 

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