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SNL drops Morgan Wallen: Country singer apologizes to fans and audience of the show in an emotional video on Social media.

Although we are living in the reopening phase of COVID lockdowns, we must never forget the lingering danger the disease still poses. Most companies are taking strict measures to maintain safe work and business environment. So when Saturday night live started filming, we were expecting them to impose strict restrictions on guests who weekly appearances on the show. SNL team is already taking precaution by having a limited live audience, but this week we got to know how seriously they take these self-imposed rules. It came as a shock when SNL announced that they are dropping their next guest American country singer Morgan Wallen for breaking protocol regarding isolation and masks.


About Morgan Wallen’s Slipup

Morgan Wallen is currently one of country music’s hottest stars and whose hits include “Whiskey Glasses” and “7 Summers,” was invited to Saturday Night Live as the week’s musical guest on the show. But as he was got to his NewYork City’s hotel, he got a phone call that his invitation to the show has been revoked keeping in mind the COVID 19 Protocol the company has in place for all guests and employees. All this debacle was due to few videos of the singer which surfaced on Ticktock. These Tiktoks which surfaced just a few days ago show the singer interacting with people in a crowded bar in Alabama without any mask or face covering. The videos were taken Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where Wallen “got up close and personal with fans … partying with revellers after the [University of Alabama] Crimson Tide trounced Texas A&M,” according to Al.com. However, the actor has stated since that he has tested negative for COVID 19. He also said that his actions were short-sighted and reckless, which put out a wrong example to the public and his fans.

About Morgan Wallen’s Emotional Apology Video

In the age of social media, a celebrity can’t escape criticism or responsibility for their actions. So is the case for NBC talent show competition The Voice 2014 participant Morgan Wallen who was criticized and trolled by people online for having a lax attitude towards the virus. So he took to Instagram to show his sincerity towards the situation. he made a heartfelt apology to his fans and stated: “I respect the show’s decision because I know that I put them in jeopardy and I take ownership for this.”




He also said he was grateful to the show-runners for giving him this opportunity and he feels he has let them down by his reckless actions. Later on, he revealed that show-runner Lorne Michael actually gave him a lot of encouragement by letting him know that they’ll find another time to make this up. He said that “it means a lot to me”. SNL has released a trailer for presidential debate parody but has not revealed who will be the new musical guest on the show this week.

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