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SIRIUSXM offers Howard Stern an amount of $120 million a year to renew the contract that will expire in December 2020

For many, paying an entertainer a hefty sum of $120 million in the current economy might seem like sheer madness. Well, SIRIUSXM does not seem to think so while compensating Howard Stern for his services. Who is Howard Stern, you ask? That, my friend, is the correct question.

About: Howard Stern

Howard Allan Stern is a revered radio and television personality of American origin. He is also an author by profession, most prominent for The Howard Stern Show, a radio show. The show garnered immense popularity over the years 1986 to 2005 when it broadcasted nationally on terrestrial radio. Following this, from the year 2006, Stern has syndicated on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Stern has also won several awards in the industry. His achievements comprise attaining Billboard‘s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year a total of eight times consecutively. Furthermore, he is the first to simultaneously conquer New York and Los Angeles’ number one morning show. In 2004, Stern employed a five-year contract with Sirius, making him one of the strongest grossing radio personalities.


Early Life: Howard Stern

Born on January 12, 1954, Howard Stern was the second issue to Ben Stern and Ray Schiffman Stern. Howard’s Jewish working parents raised him in the borough of Queens in New York City. Howard also had an older sister named Ellen who he considered his complete opposite. In 1955, the Stern family moved to Roosevelt, and Howard started attending the Washington-Rose Elementary School. Following this, he attended the Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School. Stern’s interest in music started developing due to his five years taking piano lessons. Additionally, he was an avid listener of the radio from an early age.

Again, in 1969, the family relocated to the Rockville Centre, when Howard was fifteen years of age. He proceeded from the South Side High School in 1972 to enter the Elmira College. Finally, Stern applied for a diploma degree in Radio Engineering Institute of Electronics in July 1975. This degree allowed him to earn a first-class operator license in radio-telephone.

Career: Howard Stern

Stern secured his first professional job in the field of radio at WNTN in Massachusetts. He landed this while still studying at Boston University. He worked from August to December of 1975, performing air shifts, newscasting as well as specific productions. Stern cultivated his on-air persona from 1976 to 1982 through morning positions at several shows. He has produced and hosted many late-night television events, pay-per-view shows and home videos as well. Recently, Stern has also taken up photography. The Hamptons and WHIRL magazines have featured his snaps. Stern also appeared as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Additionally, Howard is also a writerHis books, Private Parts (1993) and Miss America (1995) sold more than a million copies and acquired the title of The New York Times Best Seller. Developers adopted Private Parts into a biographical film of the comedy genre. Stern and his show staff perform as themselves in the movie. The third book, Howard Stern Comes Again, publicized in 2019. Nevertheless, Howards most imminent career achievement is his show, The Howard Stern Show.


Contract with Sirius: Howard Stern

Howard’s deal with Sirius will expire at the end of December of 2020. The previous contract, covering both production and staff, summed up to an approximate $80 to $100 million. Nevertheless, things may go as planned as Jim Meyer, the CEO, will retire. Moreover, people conjecture that Stern could go on to work for Spotify. However, shifting to Spotify could potentially initiate an unwanted struggle over editorial control. As such, to keep themselves in the game, Sirius felt it necessary to keep Stern to themselves. Consequently, Sirius has offered Stern $120 million per annum to renew their contract.


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