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Meghan King Edmonds announces in an Instagram post on October 6, 2020, that her son, Hart, is diagnosed with cerebral palsy

Children are a blessing from God. Even though they might be born with some disability or acquire any while growing up, the parents must accept and embrace them just as they are. As such, recognised celebrity, Meghan King, did precisely this.

About: Meghan King

Born on September 26, 1984, Meghan O’Toole King grew up in St.Louis in Missouri, in the United States of AmericaHer parents are Kevin and Julie King. She is an American blogger who uptakes boring events of daily life and turns them into a comical read. Additionally, Meghan had appeared on the television show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan had married Brad McDill in 2007 before divorcing him in 2011. Finally, in 2014, she married Jim Patrick Edmonds, the former American professional baseball centre field player and the Fox Sports Midwest broadcaster. Consequently, she changed her name to Meghan King Edmonds. However, the couple split up in October 2019 after controversies of an affair.


Children: Meghan King

Meghan King has three children in total with Jim Edmonds. Her first child was a daughter born on November 24, 2016, whom her parents named Aspen King Edmonds. Just two years later, on June 5, 2018, Meghan gave birth to her twin sons, namely, Hart and Hayes King Edmonds.


Tribulations: Meghan King

In an Instagram post on October 6, 2020, Meghan King announced that her son, Hart, her two-year-old son, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Doctors label the condition as a compendium of disorders that affect the movement of the body. The ailment that is triggered off by external damage to the developing brain also influences muscle tone or posture. Mostly, peripheral trauma to the child before birth is responsible for cerebral palsy. In a blog post in July 2019, Meghan stated that Hart had received irreversible brain damage when he was only thirteen months. 


Subsequently, in 2019, the doctors diagnosed Hart with periventricular leukomalacia. The syndrome is considered a precursor to cerebral palsy. Consequently, with the diagnosis of the afore-mentioned disorder, Meghan had expected it to a certain degree that Hart might develop hypotonic cerebral palsy. Although the diagnosis was difficult for Meghan to hear, they did not give up hope. Instead, she remained strong in the situation.

Challenges: Meghan King

Following this situation, Meghan made it her resolution trying to normalise children with such difficulties. However, Meghan and Jim both received several negative feedbacks on the internet regarding Hart. Nonetheless, they did not take these comments to heart. Meghan is now facing specific problems that include Hart’s difficulties in movement and concentration. Moreover, she worries that Hart might have to face discrimination from his peers and prejudice from elders while growing up. Meghan has also taken to the public the oxygen therapy that Hart is going through. Additionally, she mentions about managing the therapy while parenting the other twin, Hayes. Nevertheless, she sincerely hopes that her son can overcome these challenges and grow up to be a decent human being.


Meghan King has made it clear that she is proud to be a mother to a child with such a disorder. She claims that she is capable enough to deal with the situation. Although she hopes that Hart would not have this disability, Meghan declares that challenges are something one must inevitably face. Nobody is born perfect. Consequently, we must face life overcoming these destines challenges.

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