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Ashley Cain, star from Ex on the Beach reveals his two months old daughter is suffering from a rare leukaemia

Star Ashley Cain shared a piece of heartbreaking news regarding his daughter, who is only two months old. Ashley Cain appeared on the series, Ex on the Beach, a reality television show of Britain premiering on MTV. The show initially got released on April 22, 2014, and Ashley appeared in the first season as a single boy. Marco Alexandre, Liam Lewis, and Jack Lomax appeared alongside him in the season 1. Let’s know in details about the heartbreaking news revealed recently by the star.

Sharing of Heartbreaking News: Ashley Cain

Ashley Cain revealed the heartbreaking news about his daughter on his Instagram page on October 10, 2020. His shares his daughter with his girlfriend, Safiyya Vorajeeirl and her name is Azaylia Diamond Cain. The 30-year-old shared that his baby daughter of only two-month-old is suffering from an aggressive and rare form of cancer. Ashley shared a heartbreaking caption along with a video of him comforting his daughter. It is surely a piece of sad news for such a newborn child to suffer from cancer and bein pain. 

Instagram Post: Ashley Cain

Ashley Cain shared a video of himself whispering encouraging words to his sleeping daughter. He captioned the post that he had to go through something which no parents in the world should have gone through. It is the single most heartbreaking, upsetting, and terrifying experience that he had ever been through in his life. He found out that his beautiful daughter, Azaylia Diamond Cain, is suffering from leukaemia that too, with an aggressive, rare form and also with many complications. He also asked everybody to say a prayer for his daughter if they wish to, who is presently battling for her life. Furthermore, he also said that he and her mother loves her, and she can and will beat the disease. Leukaemia is also a type of cancer affecting the white blood cells and includes the pale skin, purple rash, easily bruised skin, and fatigue as symptoms in the children.

The mother of the child and Cain’s girlfriend, Safiyya also posted on her Instagram stories saying that she has so many prayers in the form of messages for her beautiful daughter and she thanked everyone for the same. However, she also said that it is a difficult time for her to respond and communicate with everyone as it is a difficult time for her. So she asked everyone not to think her as rude and appreciates all the prayers. Furthermore, she also posted a sweet picture of her kissing her beautiful daughter and thanking everyone for their support and love.

Sharing Support and Prayers: Ashley Cain

A lot of castmates and friends shared their support to the reality star and his daughter, Azaylia, in the comments section. Aston Merrygold of JLS leaves a heart emoji while Joss Mooney, his castmate from the Ex on the Beach show sent his thoughts and love. Georgia Harrison, another castmate from The Challenge show said that everything is going to be okay and she is too praying for her. Azaylia’s birth took place on August 10, and the announcement regarding it came on August 11 via Instagram. 

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