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Women of Nigeria against police brutality, Detail about the protests in Nigeria against SARS and Wizkid tweet in support of the protests.

Police brutality is not an issue for one particular country; it is a problem all around the globe. We all need to stand up against police brutality as one. After the recent protests in America against the police brutality now the women of Nigeria are standing up for the lives of their children. The music superstar Wizkid is standing up to with these women and supporting the protests through his tweets. SARS is the entire robbery squad in Nigeria which do criminal investigation against the cases of robbery. Because of the increasing corruption and brutality in the anti-robbery squad now the people of Nigeria, especially the women, are standing up against SARS and demanding the end of this brutality against their own children.  Wizkid tweeted the assistant of the President of Nigeria asking her and the president to stand against SARS squad, and it’s brutal ways to handle a criminal robbery case and torturing young children.

About SARS: Protests in Nigeria against SARS

SARS is an anti-robbery squad in Nigeria which do a criminal investigation against robberies related cases of Nigeria. SARS stands for “Special Anti-Robbery Squad”. SARS gets handled by the Nigerian Police Force and the intelligence department of Nigeria. The head of the intelligence department is Anthony Ogbizi. In 2012 the special anti-robbery squad came under controversies with several allegations of torture blackmail and extortion. There is to already existing empty robbery force in Nigeria, but SARS is a Special Squad police force which gives special rights to the Corps. The criminal investigation and intelligence department of Nigeria have 14 units under them, and the special anti-robbery squad is one of those 14 units walking with the full support of the Intelligence and the and the investigating committee of Nigeria. After the formation of the squad, the anti-criminal force grows in number, and more and more people joined the police force of Nigeria to work for the anti-robbery squad this made the squad bigger and stronger.

Controversies against SARS: Protests in Nigeria against SARS

From the year 2012, SARS is constantly getting wrapped around several controversies, and several campaigns and protests are happening against special and robbery squad. The online campaign against the police brutality and the brutality of the anti-robbery squad reached its peak at the end of 2016. The online campaign was led by Segun Awosanya and was using the hashtag #EndSARS. The public responded in favour of the hashtag and the campaign and shared their experiences of SARS and other police brutalities. The campaign got International media attention, and everybody was standing up against the police brutality in Nigeria and SARS.

Reactions Wizkid tweet on Twitter: Protests in Nigeria against SARS

Wizkid tweet against SARS was a reply on the tweet of Nigerian presidents assistant which well for Donald Trump’s health in the reply of the tweet Wizkid tweeted the real people who are fighting for their lives and whose life should matter to the society is the young Nigerian kids pacing every day of police brutality and living in constant fear.

This tweet of Wizkid got the attention of people, and people started sharing #EndSARS once again with their experiences. The people were sharing experiences such as young kids shaving their head due to the fear of police who is arresting kids and even killing them just for having dreadlocks in their hairs.

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