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Bill Burr’s controversial opening monologue about anti-maskers, woke movement, gay pride month and cancel culture.

William Frederick Burr, famously known as Bill Burr is a podcaster, stand-up comedian, and actor of America. He is the host of the famous show, Saturday Night Live at present.  Saturday Night Live, simple known as SNL is a variety and sketchy comedy late-night live television show. Currently, season 46 of the show is running that began airing from October 3, 2020.

Bill Burr leaves no topic untouched during and pushes the envelope in his stand up act. He was no different while delivering a monologue during his second hosting in the SNL that led to the public expressing their displeasure in him in the social media platform. Let’s know more about the monologue of Bill Burr in details below.

Monologue on the Saturday Night Live: Bill Burr

The tone for the Saturday Night Live is all set by host Bill Burr during hosting through his polarizing monologue. The monologue aimed at the gay pride month with jokes that divide Twitter, Coronavirus Pandemic and Cancel Culture.  His controversial remarks were in line with his stand up comedy that pushes the envelopes in people and also famously known for that. Furthermore, there were also two other skits which the theme carried over and tackled sensitive subjects such as the brutality of police and racism.

Anti-Maskers: Bill Burr

The monologue of Bill Burr began with him talking about the Coronavirus Pandemic and respecting the people choosing not to wear masks. He said that it might not be a much worse thing and also encourages people to take out their weak cousin with asthma or grandparents out if people are willing to be ignorant about the global pandemic. He said everything is the decision of the people, and he does not care. If they want to kill their family members by being that dumb, then do it, and the same also stops them from producing. Bill also noted that he is reminded of surgeons by the masked up SNL surgeons.

Cancel Culture and Woke Movement: Bill Burr

Bill Burr also slams the cancel culture and high reaching impacts of the culture. He also referred to John Wayne and said that they are going after dead people now since they are running out of people for cancelling. Further, the extension of the monologue took to speaking about woke culture’s social awareness. He also told about his thinking of co-opting the social justice movement by white women. Bill also said that he never heard so many complains from white women in his life like their life is hard, but with SUV and heated heats.

Gay Pride Month: Bill Burr

The monologue topped with Bill asking about the Gay Pride enduring a month to the hesitant audience and him not knowing what is all it about in New York City. He was shocked about the existence of such a month and that too for the entire month. Bill further mentioned about the enslavement of black people and they only got the month of February or July as they are the equator people. Bill’s monologue on everything began trending on Twitter immediately and received divided, and various reactions on social media.

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