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Tom Parker “The Wanted” Boy Band’s Lead Vocalist Reveals he has inoperable brain tumor. Here’s Everything you need to know about.

If you were into music in the late 2000s, then you must have seen the craze for Boy Bands among Teens, especially among young girls. And to cater to this huge audience, many boy bands emerged across the globe. One such boy band was “The Wanted” who started in the UK but soon crossed the Pacific and went straight to the top of The Billboard Charts. One of the biggest contributors to their success was Tom Parker, the lead vocalist of this British Irish Band. But recently the 32-year-old singer broke the tragic news to the fans through an Instagram post where he revealed that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. This came as a shock to fans as the social media accounts of the singer was quiet for the last few weeks. He has assured people that he is already undergoing treatment for his conditions and only needs his fans to support him and his family through this process. In this article, we will provide you with the full details about what happened to the Singer and “The Wanted” Band.

About Tom Parker

Thomas Anthony Parker was born and grew up in Bolten, England. He wanted to be a singer from a very young age and auditioned for X Factor UK but couldn’t get past the first round. His first band which put him on the map was tribute Band Take that II. In 2009 he along with countless others auditioned for The Wanted, but due to his vocal talents and fresh looks, Tom was selected for the Lead Vocalist.

About Tom’s Disease

Tom Parker had declared in his Instagram post that he would not be secretive and reveal everything about his condition to his fans. He said he suffered 2 seizures during the summer after which he was diagnosed with a grade four glioblastoma, one of the most serious, complex, deadly and treatment-resistant kinds of tumours. Parker and his wife revealed to the press that doctors described this as the worst-case scenario as patients with this condition survive only for a year to 18 months. Still, Fans and music lovers are praying for his good health.


About “The Wanted” Band

The Wanted was established in 2009 by Jayne Collins who had an interest in forming a boy band and after rigorous auditions came up with the final line-up of 5 members. These were Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan who banded together as The Wanted. Only a year into the music industry the band delivered a debut single “All Time Low” which topped the charts in the UK. Their self titled Debut Album went Certified platinum in the UK, but their real success was yet to come. It was only their second album “Battleground” which gave them their much-deserved break internationally and in the USA. Their single “Glad You Came” became an international success and peaked at no. 1 in the Billboard top 100. It was certified platinum 3 times and remained their greatest success to date. But this early peak of their career is what leads them into direct conflict with the Biggest Boy Band phenomenon the world had ever seen, The One Direction.

Their followup songs such as “Sun Goes Down” seemed like copies of their previous hit “Glad you Came”, and they could not deliver anything spectacular. Meanwhile, their competition One Direction continued to deliver Hits after Hits. This led to twitter feuds between the two bands and further tarnished their image. Soon after that “The Wanted” declared that they would go their separate ways because they had personal issues with each other and couldn’t continue to work together.

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