Nikki Bella shared about not having feelings for Artem Chigvintsev while she was in a relationship with John Cena

Nikki Bella, the former professional American wrestler, is engaged to Artem Chigvintsev, who is a Russian dancer. They also have a child who is only two and a half months old. However, it seems that the beautiful couple’s love did not happen at first sight or dated when they just met. Nikki revealed recently about it in a podcast.

Nikki shared that during the competition of the Dancing With The Stars, she did not have any spark or attraction to her then-partner, Artem. Let’s see all the details shared by Nikki Bella in her podcast about her and Artem’s relationship during the Dancing With The Stars show.

Sharing about the moments of Dancing With the Stars: Nikki Bella 

Nikkia Bella competed in the year on the Dancing With The Stars show of Season 25. Her then partner in the show was Artem Chigvintsev who is her present fiancee. However, her fiancee was John Cena at that time who was also very supportive of her during the show. Recently, she said that during the show, she was not attracted to her dancing partner or had any spark. She spoke about it in The Bellas podcast of the episode of October 13. In the podcast, Nikki and her sister, Brie discussed the show’s intimate scenes with guest Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa was also a competitor of the DWTS’s season 16.

No Attraction or Spark: Nikki Bella 

Lisa asked Nikki during the time in the show if Nikki was ever attracted to Artem and felt about being unfaithful to John. Nikki replied that there was no such feeling at that time due to which it is crazy being with him now. Lisa even said about not believing Nikki about not having any attraction.

Nikki explained that it was for the first time she was vulnerable to a man when she did dancing. That’s the starting point of their bond, that is depending on her dancing partner. She never had to depend on a man before, and also the whole time thought of the steps. Furthermore, she also confessed that she only bonded with Artem as partners. She got very nervous due to live dancing on TV and also getting judged in front of the world. Nikki developed an emotional bond with them as she got out of her comfort zone. 

Weird with her: Nikki Bella 

Nikki Bella also said the thing she felt weird during the show. She and John Cena were together for six years and also engaged. The only thing awkward was during some dance moves when the dancing partner’s leg has to be in between her leg or their face close to her. She described that other than her fiance’s, it was the first someone else’s leg between her, and she felt very weird at that time. 

In 2018, Nikki and John called off the engagement due to some indifferences in their thoughts and marriage. In March 2019, she began seeing Artem and got engaged in the November of the same year. However, they shared the news in January of this year along with announcing their pregnancy also.  

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