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Burna Boy supports and encourages the protesters of END SARS Movement in Nigeria to never back down

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, professionally famous as Burna Boy, is a rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter of Nigeria. Burna Boy’s views are very outspoken, which makes him a controversial figure. The Nigerian native has openly supported and spoken about the Black Lives Matters Movement after the death of George Floyd.

Recently, Burna Boy also gave his support and said about the END SARS Movement which is taking place in Africa. The movement started in social media and soon gained momentum across many cities such as New York, Berlin, Toronto, London, Geneva, etc. Let’s know in detail all about Burna Boy has to say about the movement.

Encouraging the Protestors of the #EndSARS: Burna Boy

Burna Boy shared a tweet on October 15, encouraging and providing his support to the protestors of EndSARS. He urged the Nigerian youth and his fans not to give against the police brutality the country’s protests. In his tweet, Buna Boy said that he loves all his generation of Nigerians. They had also earned his most genuine and maximum respect. The Powers that are against the protestors will do anything in their power to stop the movement.  He said everyone not to back down when things go worse.

The singer also calls Nigerian crisis attention and put up in Nigerian billboards about the movement. Additionally, he also created a fund during the protests for those arrested or harmed and announced a combating misinformation campaign. Burna Boy also wrote on Instagram that no one in their country should be a crime to be a young person.

Support to the Protestors of the #EndSARS: Burna Boy

Burna Boy extends his support to the End SARS movement’s protestors by launching a charitable organization for helping them in joining against the police brutality in Nigeria in the whole world. He also showed his solidarity with the abuse victims in the police brutality and announced under the umbrella of The Reach, a charitable organization a sub-fund. The name of this support program is the PROJECTPROTECT. Burna Boy also said that he created the program for such situations and asked his followers to find any volunteering lawyer for the program.

Burna Boy also said that it is so much more that needs to get done even though they have allegedly disbanded SARS.  It is more than a unit that police cars revolving light SARS and has become a mindset built from the lacking of backlash against policy brutality and law enforcement. He also said that it is not over yet, and the real change is only starting to happen. Police reform should take place with End of police brutality.

About: End SARS Movement

End SARS is End Special Anti-Robbery Squad which originated at first in social media in Nigeria when people started calling #EndSARS for banning. SARS is a Nigerian Police Force unit that has been the division of controversy for ages for the brutality and police oppression against the general public. Nigerians shared SARS members’ stories and video evidence engaged in extortion, kidnapping, extrajudicial killings, murder, unlawful detention, theft, humiliation, rape, and unlawful arrests.

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