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Early Voting for the Presidential Election is already going on from September through November.

Coronavirus has brought a lot of changes in the society along with affecting the lives of many people. It has also really become a problem for the undergoing presidential elections with the ongoing pandemic, misinformation even from the Twitter account of the president, United States Postal Service crisis, and also a foreign meddling threat.

However, the Presidential Election is still going to take place on the decided date. Many options have also provided to the voters for the voting. Majority of the states is also holding some early in-person voting. Let’s know in details about the early voting system.

Details: Early Voting

Early voting started on September 18 for four states, Wyoming, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Virginia. In the next week, many others followed the process. Early voting started on the week of October 12 for Georgia, Texas, Kansas, Tennesse, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Dozens of states have made the voting process by allowing it either through early or mail due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many Montana countries, nine states, and the district of Columbia will send the most active registered voters or all a ballot for the election of November that the voter can return by mail, in person, or to a secure dropbox to their election office. 

Need: Early Voting

The United States Postal Service made changes in operations recently along with the higher rejection rate over the in-person votes sparked fears that the ballots of voters may get rejected for other issues or fail to arrive in time at the election office. Thus, many public figures such as Taylor Swift and Barack Obama encouraged the Americans if they can to go for the early voting process in light of many disruptions. Early voting is an attractive option for those concerned about in-person voting safety and delays in mails. The process allows the voters to cast a ballot and allows them to avoid long lines on the Election Day at their voting locations and also do not have to reply to the Postal Service.

Other Ways: Early Voting

Traditional early voting by twenty-six states and D.C. will hold at voting centres or polling places. Out of that, eight states will hold early voting as no in-person, and other fifteen states will allow voters at their local elections offices for casting an early ballot. Limited in-person early voting will also hold by some states sending every voter a mail ballot before election day. Due to the pandemic, many states have extended voting by mail and also early voting. Kentucky will hold three weeks of early voting taking place from October 13 to November 2 based on a bipartisan agreement. 

However, there is early voting and election day for states that hold all mail election such as Oregon and Washington. They have a voting period of three weeks wherein ballots received by voters and can return by Election Day anytime.

Instructions: Early Voting

A person should double-check with the local elections office or at the county’s office for early voting. Hours may vary from the ordinary Elections Day due to which they should get verified by the voter. Also, bring the necessary identifications is a must to the polls. 

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