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Lily Allen criticizes the London Government for new two tier controls by singing a cursing song.

The full name of Lily Allen is Lily Rose Beatrice Allen, who is an author, singer, and songwriter of Britain. Lilly is never afraid to voice her opinions and even wrote a song cursing the president of the USA, George W. Bush. Recently, the singer also gave her opinion on the coronavirus restrictions second tier. 

The UK Government this week told about moving into coronavirus restrictions the second tier for some parts of the country. This week the Government announced in Saturday London and some other parts would go into the second tier. It means now there will be tighter controls in those areas and also mixing of household indoors. Let’s see go through what the singer said about the Government.

Lamenting the Government: Lily Allen

Lilly, on Thursday, took to Instagram lamenting the move of the capital for moving into second-tier amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic hours of after announcing the news. She sang into the camera,”‘F**k you, Tier Two” while sitting down and holding the camera. Lily previously also got slammed for her stance on political views. The new restrictions announced on Monday morning declared by Matt Hancock that from Friday, millions of Londoners face tougher lockdown due to the efforts of the Government for handling the Coronavirus situation. 

Chilling before Lamenting: Lily Allen

Lily was pampering herself hours before lamenting the Government as seen from her Instagram account. She was relaxing in bed with a face mask and showed off her complexion by joking that COVID’s mask opposite is her face mask. Lily was wearing a black tank top and completed her look with a grey coloured headband seeping back. The singer also revealed her radiant and fresh-faced complexion after taking off her mask.

Marriage with actor David: Lily Allen

Recently, the actress married to the Stranger Things actor, David Harbour and have been in cloud nine ever since then. In 2019, they were revealed as dating and got married in Las Vegas last month. Their wedding was a secret and surprise for fans and revealed about it after exchanging the vows. Elvis Presley impersonator officiated the marriage. She also gave her big day glimpse to her fans and displayed her wedding manicure along with the gorgeous diamond ring. Her two children with her previous husband were the only guest at their wedding. The couple also took a sun-drenched getaway to Croatia for the summer with their children. Lily also captured the adorable scene of her girls dancing with David.

Details about the Two-Tier Control

Two-Tier controls will take place from Friday midnight. It is the result of a deal with am although he is calling for a national ‘circuit breaker and more money demand took place from the Government. The two-tier controls will also include in it Essex, Erewash, Barrow in Furness, Chesterfield, York, and North East Derbyshire. Nine million Londoners from Saturday will get banned from mixing with indoors of other households. The Government also gave general advice if possible to work from home although public transports and offices will remain open. 

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