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Tommy Lee dropped a all new solo music album and music video after fifteen years featuring various artists

Tommy Lee is a famous drama and musician in America. He was the founder of the 1981’s Mötley Crüe metal band along with three other members. The other three members were Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, and Vince Neil, respectively. Thomas is currently 58 years old and was born in 1962. 


Recently, Tommy dropped an album single along with a music video of it. He is releasing after fifteen years a solo album of him. There is not much information about the album and also the newly released music video as it got released now only. Let’s know all the details about the music video and his new solo album.

Release of New Album: Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee dropped an all-new music album on Friday, October 16. The name of the album is Andro marking his first solo album after fifteen years. It features Brooke Candy, Post Melony, Push Push, Tyla Yaweh, Lukas Rossi, and Micky Avalon among many others. According to Alternative Press, the making of Andro is the most galvanizing hip hop record or electro of this year. 

New Music Video: Tommy Lee

One of the latest singles from the music album of Tommy is Caviar On A Paper Plate. Nick Peterson directs the music video with Mickey Avalon making a guest appearance in the single. Tommy also released the official music video of the single and is now available for watching. The filming for the music video took place recently in Los Angeles. It features Avalon with the wrapped Rolls Royce of Tommy and doing his very own presentation in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off of the garage attendants. Earlier this week, Lee and his wife posted a Tiktok, and the new music video is a prequel of it. Avalon said that he had a fabulous time working with everyone while Tommy said it as fun and ridiculous.

Thoughts on the New Album: Tommy Lee

Andro’s theme is of having two sides of music-one male and another female, both equal in status and power. The album made on the manifestation of the Androgyny concept, which is a male and female genders essences combination. Lee said that the album is a culmination of a different bunch of flavours that he loves. He further said that the title track, Andro is an abbreviation and came from androgyny and he also separated all the male and female energy tracks. 

Tommy also mentioned that the making of the track took place once he started sequencing the record, and it was also not intentional. Furthermore, he also said about going through some troubles to have a common thread by putting it all together. However, he went on to give them some own space and let them in their space dance together.

Review on the Album: Tommy Lee

Andro reveals Tommy’s musical fascinations depth and range with the portrayal of different new talents from all over the world. The album is a combination of different musicians from various backgrounds, genres, and countries. Tommy also said that the music will heal the ailing persons and is also an emotional release.

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