Tougher covid-19 pandemic rules are being executed in London due to a stronger covid wave, Lily Allen, Express the feelings through her song f**k Tier Two.

Covid-19 pandemic is hitting all of us differently, but one thing we all have in common around the globe is that we all want it to end and be free again from this pandemic and the rules and regulation related to the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. We’re all hoping for the vaccines to come soon and we’re hoping to live a normal life again. But when we thought that this COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown would end soon the second stronger wave of covid is attacking most of the countries again.

One such country is London. In London, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the government is implementing rules again, and this time they are tougher for the people to follow. The citizens or not happy with the rules and are expressing their anger, grief and disappointment in different ways. The artists are also very disappointed and sad because of this pandemic and the rules, regulation and restrictions which are getting imposed on them because of this pandemic. Different artists are using their art as a medium to express how they are feeling about the whole situation.

One such artist is Lily Allen. Lily Allen is a songwriter and singer. Lily Allen expresses the anger and her irritation from the whole situation by writing a song called f**k Tier Two. Lily Allen has made her thought and her feelings clear about the Tier Two laws through her new song. Her song made that clear for everyone that she is not happy with these new laws and restrictions. The Tier Two list have areas such as Manchester on it. Here is the full detail regarding Tier Two laws in London and Lily Allen’s new song.

About f**k Tier Two:

From the Midnight of 16th October in London, there is an increase in the covid-19 pandemic ratings. As a precautionary measure, the law department and the Government of London are coming up with Tier Two laws in places around London such as Manchester. As the news broke to the public, the singer and songwriter Lily Allen took Instagram to show her disappointment with the Government of London and this new Tier Two laws.

In her song on Instagram, the artist said lines such as “who are you Tier Two and what do you mean?” The artist also was expressed to her frustration by singing “f**k Tier Two.” Later the star shared few glimpses of a wedding with the actor David Harbour whose latest work is in stranger things. The couple got married in Las Vegas. Lily Allen also shared the clip of a daughter’s dancing on her wedding day. The clips of the big day made her fans happy.

About Lily Allen:

Lily-Rose Beatrice Allen who is famously known among fans and followers as Lily Allen. She is an American singer and songwriter. In the year 2005 Lily Allen got her big break when she was played on BBC Radio 1. By listening to her recordings on BBC Radio 1, she got famous and got her first contract from Regal Recordings in the same year. Her first mainstream single was named “smile”, and it stopped the chart of the UK Singles Chart in the year 2006, which was a quick success for her. She is a great artist who is always passionate about improving the art and believes in hard work.

In the year 2008, she got her chance to host a show which was Lily Allen and Friends. She is very famous in the music business and has created multiple music albums. She has done a tremendous amount of work in the world of music. Lily Allen has also written her autobiography, which is called  My Thoughts Exactly.

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