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Transient, a new spooky Lovecraftian Cyberpunk game for horror fans coming to PC this Halloween, release date announcement and everything you need to know about.

As Halloween season is already here, everyone is craving a healthy dose of the chilling spooky content whether in the form of books, movies or games. Companies such as Netflix are already on top of this trend as they have released Haunting of Bly Manner a spine-tingling thriller which has captivated the audience. Thus, game studios are also on a tight schedule to fix a release date for their horror-themed games before the Halloween craze settles down. This is the time for fans of the horror genre to rejoice as Game developers Stormling Studios and Iceberg Interactive have finally announced the release date of their much-awaited Thriller Puzzle horror game Transient. Fans are excited as horror and cyberpunk are the two most celebrated genre in the gaming industry with a large and dedicated audience. Here is everything you need to know about Transient before you start your Halloween gaming session.

Transient Release Date:

The announcement of the games’ release date came as a surprise as there was not much hype by the developers Stormling Studios and Iceberg Interactive. The announcement was made exclusively during The Media Indie Exchange showcase program which revealed new footage which shows off the dystopian world of the game, challenging puzzles and mysterious story players can expect to encounter during their playthrough. The game is set to be released on 27th October 2020.

About The Developers:

The developers have described the game as “H.P. Lovecraft meets Cyberpunk” which seems like an odd combination, but the developers have previous experience with Lovecraft themed games. The Stormling Studios is an Indie game developer founded by the production team behind critically acclaimed Lovecraftian titles such as Conarium and the Darkness Within series. The other company behind the game is Iceberg Interactive which is well known for their established franchises such as The Killing Floor and Stardrive.

About Transient:

The game itself is a horror-themed cyberpunk experience which takes place in a dystopian future inside an enclosed, domed city called Providence. Providence is a haven to its citizens, protecting them from the harsh outside environment and an obvious nod to the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Other blatant easter egg from Lovecraft universe includes the protagonist of the game Randolph Carter, a member of paid hacker group ODIN who also appears in many short stories of H.P. Lovecraft. The game would have been a by the numbers predictable story if not for this twist of “Cybers Space as the realm beyond Earth” gimmick which blends smoothly into the gameplay.

The story of the game is quite simple as our protagonist comes across some forbidden knowledge which puts his life in danger, and he starts to lose his mind all while in a futuristic dystopian world crumbles around him. The game is a promising innovation if you are fed up from classic Lovecraft stories, and with it being an indie game, it will not be heavy on your pocket. So all horror fans can check out this experimental blend of genres if you are craving something spooky this Halloween.

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