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John Fogerty called out to President Donald Trump through Cease and Desist Order for the use of his song

President Donald Trump is in trouble again at the wrong choice and use of songs in his political events. Now, John Fogerty is calling out the President for using his music unauthorizedly. John Cameron Fogerty is a famous songwriter, musician, and singer of America and founder of the Creedence Clearwater Revival (“CCR”) band. 

The former footman of Creedence Clearwater Revival criticized the President on Friday in the social media. He gave a clear President Trump after playing of his song, Fortunate song in the campaign. Furthermore, the singer also issued an order of cease-and-desist to the campaign of the President. Let’s know all about the order details below.

Cease-and-desist order: John Fogerty

John Fogerty wrote in 1969 the song Fortunate song and which President Trump used during a campaign of re-election rally in September. Fogerty shared in Twitter a statement on Friday about the issuance an order of cease-and-desist to the campaign of President. Fogerty wrote that he is objecting the use of his song for the campaign by the President. Furthermore, he also said that the President is using his voice and words to show a message which he does not endorse.

John also mentioned that he wrote the song as he was disgust with the financial and political access privilege to some people due to which they excluded from the serving of the country. Furthermore, he is troubled by the use of his song as Trump comes under the same section.

Speaking out previously against the use of the song: John Fogerty

John also called out to the President for the use of his song in the campaign. President Trump used the song on a rally held at September 10 on Freeland, Michigan in which he walked off the Ari Force One. The singer day after the rally criticized the President for the use of his song on a Facebook video. Issuance of the campaign letter to the campaign of the President also took place wherein it stated about legal action if the use of the song does not get stopped. 

Cease-and-Desist Letter: John Fogerty

Reportedly, Fogerty’s lawyer to the campaign of Trump stated in the letter of cease-and-desist that it is likely to cause mistake and confusion if the President uses the song of the musician for his political events. It will also deceive the public as President Trump’s sponsorship, affiliation, or connection by or with John Fogerty. Therefore, they demand that the President does not use his song, Fortunate Son or any song of John Fogerty at any other political events. 

Facebook Video: John Fogerty

The title od the Facebook video of September calling out to the President was Meaning behind Fortunate Song. In the video, John said that he found compounding with the President’s use of his song at the political rallies. He also mentioned in the video that the President is probably the fortunate son, so he finds it confusing to use his song by President Trump. However, John is not only the first one to ask the campaign of Trump from using their music. There were many previous instances where he used other songs in his political events. 

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