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Sophie Guidolin makes a blog post on her website sharing her recipe for making banana bread waffles

Everyone loves a good work-out. However, what’s even better than a work-out is indulging oneself after that. Nevertheless, it isn’t easy to decide on such an indulgence that will be both healthy and fulfilling, on top of being tasty. As such, personal trainer, Sophie Guidolin, shares her recipe for making quick yet nutritious banana bread waffles.

About: Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin is a celebrity who works as a fitness instructor and international fitness model. Born on March 16, 1989, the personality grew up in the city of Adelaide, in AustraliaBaby’s First Recipe Book is her first work to gain recognition worldwide. Additionally, Sophie has competed in and won several IFBBINBA and WNBF fitness as well as bikini model contests. The Bod, intended to develop muscles and lower the fat level of the body, is her creation. 


Furthermore, Guidolin posts vlogs and content on YouTube relating to health and fitness. Her more popular Instagram page has over 3,50,000 followers. Sophie Guidolin is married to Nathan Wallace and has twin daughters and two sons.


Recent Post: Sophie Guidolin

On October 13, 2020, Sophie Guidolin, aged thirty-one years, made a post on her website that included the recipe for banana bread waffles. As s result of the fact that the mother packs her children’s lunchboxes herself, this blog post interested quite many people. Sophie stated that the recipe was straightforward and needed a preparation time of only five minutes. Moreover, they turn out to be very tasty. Besides, Guidolin had also shared specific advice that people mat incorporate to cut down their grocery bills. Seeing that the afore-mentioned was a considerable success, readers expect the banana bread waffles to be of excellent quality and pleasant to the palate as well.


Ingredients Advised: Sophie Guidolin

Sophie advised her readers to use the following ingredients, which the makers can adjust according to their needs:

  • A minimum of three bananas.
  • At least three eggs.
  • A quarter cup of milk.
  • Three tablespoons of coconut oil. Sophie prefers to use Cobham Estate oil.
  • Finally, one needs to purchase a packet of the SG x Happy Way Banana Bread Mix.

The complete list of ingredients costs not more than $15.95 overall and are all available online.


Preparation Proposed: Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin shared a video on her Instagram, showing the cooking process. Also, she posted a detailed blog mentioning how to cook the banana bread waffles.

  • The maker must mash the bananas in a large mixing bowl, using a fork or any other utensil.
  • They need to add eggs in association with milk and coconut oil.
  • The maker should combine the Stir in SG x Happy Way Banana Bread mix with the egg and milk blend.
  • They need to spray non-stick oil on the waffle maker lightly.
  • Then, they should spread 4-5 tablespoons of the acquired mixture into the waffle maker.
  • The maker should place the lid and close the waffle maker. Then, they must put it on the stove and cook it for at least 1-2 minutes on each side or until a golden brown colour is obtained.
  • Finally, the cooked item must be allowed to cool slightly before topping it with yoghurt, or berries, or even the Happy Way Cacao Powder.

Reception: Sophie Guidolin

Sophie’s blog readers seemed to love her shared recipe on the banana bread waffles. Commenters pointed out that the dish looked absolutely mouth-watering and undoubtedly worth a try. Some even commented that they would buy a waffle maker only to try out the recipe. As such, it looks like Sophie’s new recipe has become a hit amongst her blog and social media followers.


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