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Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer received the Honorary Naval Aviator Award for their work in film Top Gun.

Tom Cruise, the famous American Actor at the age of 53, remains one of the top action stars despite mysteries surrounding his personal life. Age did not stop further from pushing and continuing with his work. He is also to make a movie is preparing to become the first actor to fly into space while doing his stunts for Mission Impossible: 7 shooting. 

Meanwhile, the actor is still enjoying the Top Gun movie benefits, a 1986’s original movie. He, along with the producer of the movie, also got some honorary awards recently. Let’s know all the details of the awards below. 

Honorary Naval Aviators: Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer 

Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer received the 35th Honorary Naval Aviator and 36th Honorary Naval Aviator award, respectively, for their classic ’80s movie Top Gun. They received the award at a brief ceremony held on September 24 at Paramount Studios of Los Angeles. They got the award for supporting the U.S. Navy significantly before the premiering of their upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick in 2021. Their designations entitled them to all the privileges, honours, and courtesies given to Naval Aviators besides wearing the ‘wings of gold.’ Jerry received the award on-hand while the actor via a video call for receiving the award. They are the first people in two years to receive the award.

Statement from Naval Air Forces: Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer 

In the award citation, Naval Air Force stated that there is not an iconic movie in aviation in the history of motion pictures than the Paramount Pictures movie Top Gun of 1986. An entire generation of Americans is ingrained with the film character, imagery, and dialogue. The movie made a tremendous positive impact on Naval Aviation recruitment besides capturing the hearts of millions. It also significantly put naval aircraft and aircraft carriers into popular culture and supported and promoted Naval Aviation. 

Furthermore, it also said that the franchise of Top Gun is authentic, and they had done everything to make sure of the things. They also stayed true to the world’s greatest Navy’s men and women fighting spirit, the Navy Fighter Weapons School unparalleled tactical excellence, and Naval Aviation ethos. The Navy also said that the number of young men went up by 500% who want to be Naval aviators after the release of Top Gun. They also support the upcoming film and hope that it will further inspire the new generation’s service members.

Top Gun & Top Gun: Maverick: Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer 

In the Top Gun film, released in May 1986, Tom Cruise played a U.S. Navy Pilot role, Pete Maverick Mitchell. The movie nominated and also won many awards. It also served as a reminder and encouragement to the people seeing the movie for becoming pilots. Top Gun: Maverick is the upcoming film and sequel to the Top Gun set to release on July 2, 2021. The upcoming film will again see the return of Tom Cruise as Captain Pete Maverick Mitchell. Naval Aviation members had the privilege of first look into the movie. 

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