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Europe is facing again Lockdowns with harsher rules which is a sign of warning for the Unite States

Europe is again facing a surge in Coronavirus due to which the government is imposing harsh new restrictions in many states with careful weighing in their steps by the government. However, it is not good news for the region’s recovery of the economy as it is only a few days that lockdown had been lifted with lighter rules. The United States is also put on ahead notice of a brutal winter as they to have the chances of facing a surge. Let’s go through the details of the lockdown and as to what is happening.

Happening of Events: Europe Lockdown

An overnight curfew imposition took place in Paris. Banning of meeting people from different households in indoors imposed in London. The attempts are measures for controlling across the continent the rapid rises in the cases of COVID-19. It has also become a significant concern again of the capacity and intakes in hospitals. London, Frankfurt, Paris and Milan sharply sold off stocks before rebounding Friday on Thursday. Markets are also not going well off as they did previously before the occurring of the virus. However, a cautionary tale still presents in the form of quick climate change. 

Status of Banks: Europe Lockdown

In Europe, economists of the Bank of America on Friday note to clients that everything is terrible. They said if surgical and localized restrictions keep mounting up, it could become a disruption for the bank. The uncertainty of the virus could further increase the precautionary savings that are already large. The economic impact of the resurgence of the virus can get easily increased by any voluntary social distancing. 

However, the size of the impact of the new measures on the economy ascertainment is difficult. Some cities in the country of the United Kingdom face tighter controls such as Liverpool. Sanjay Raja, the economist of Deutsche Bank, said that for moving forward, it is necessary to track the restrictions scale and scope. He predicted the growth of 2% between October and December in the United Kingdom and he is still sticking with the same. However, he said that the economy could completely stall if imposition of any more restrictions takes place.

The economy of Spain as compared to the previous quarter is also shrinking again by 1.3%, and the economy of France is shedding 1.1%. So, now the critical European economies expect by Allianz in the year’s final quarter for a contract again. 

Insights: Europe Lockdown

In recent months, investors heightened demand is enjoyed in the stocks of European. Money Managers stated after the Spring, Europe relatively controlled the virus. They also got an agreement as a recovery effort for raising 800 billion euros ($938 billion) among the leaders of the EU. However, the region could struggle without the investment and if more lockdown takes place. Since mid-September, the recovery of the US has effectively plateaued as showed in the Moody’s Analytics and CNN Business’s Back to Normal Index. However, the situation may quickly change, as demonstrated in Europe. So, the countries may quickly see a rise in COVID-19 situation again, and the example of it is the European nations. 

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