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A new album of Metallica cover recorded by Miley Cyrus for the band is on the way soon for releasing

Miley Cyrus, popularly known for her role as Hannah Montanna in Disney is a famous singer. The singer is not new to covering music from hip hop to pop to various other range. Now, she is all ready to work with the Metallica band. Miley recently gave her confirmation about it. Everyone is anticipating for the coming of the album of her cooperation with Metallica. However, the work for it had begun only recently. The album will take some time for releasing. There are not many details on the collaboration and album. Let’s see in details all about what Miley and about her new album.

About: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is currently 27 years old and belongs from Tennesse, the U.S. and her father are the famous Billy Ray Cyrus, who is a country singer. Miley gained her fame as an actress and singer with the Hannah Montanna role and the series that premiered on Disney. She got the name of a teen idol as she became very famous among the teenagers of that time. Gradually she began rising and release soundtrack music of non-Hannah Montanna. Miley is also a record producer and songwriter besides being a singer and actress.

About: Metallica

Metallica is a very famous heavy metal band in America. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich found the band in Los Angeles in 1981. Now the band consists of four members, that is, James Hetfield, Robert Trujillo, Lars Ulrich, andKirk Hammett. Its past members were Dave Mustaine, Jason Newstead, Cliff Burton, and Ron McGovney. They sold albums of 58 million in the United States which made them the third best-selling music artist. The band is also the most successful bands in terms of commercially of all time. The underground music community has many fans of Metallica and supports them very much. 

New Album for Metallica: Miley Cyrus

Miley performed the Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters during the Glastonbury Festival of 2019. Furthermore, the singer has been busy during the pandemic recording a cover for Metallica as she revealed recently. Miley told the news for Interview Magazine’s new feature to Rick Owens, who is a fashion designer. She revealed that they are working on a cover album for Metallica and she is also working on the cover. The upcoming metal project is making Riley feel reinvigorated, although she was initially in a creative rut due to the pandemic. Miley added that they are lucky to be able to continue with their work on their art during the epidemic. She felt uninspiring at first, and now she has been ignited. 

Other New Albums: Miley Cyrus

Miley during the Save Our Stages virtual festival covered the Cure’s Boy’s Don’t Cry and the Cranberries The Zombie. Her studio album which is the seventh one, set for release in this year of November. The title of the album is She is Miley Cyrus and will also include Billy Idola and Dua Lipa as a guest feature. Miley also said in an interview that she cover Britney Spears to Metallica in her live sets. 

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