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Bill Cosy got himself a brand new prison mug which features him smiling brightly with his mask hanging.

William Henry Cosby Jr., popularly known as Billy Cosby is a famous stand-up comedian besides being an actor and author. The comedian is taking up the internet recently due to his newly released mug in prison. Bill is not only a comedian but also a controversial figure due to his engagement in the sexual assault cases.

Now, the comedian is serving prison time and is due for release at next year. Bill is again in the limelight due to his new mug in prison. Let’s know in details all about Bill Cosby, the newly released cup, and also his sexual assault cases. 

About: Billy Cosby

Bill Cosby is currently 83 years old and belongs from Pennsylvania from the U.S. He had an active career from 1961 to 2018. The comedian began his career from 1961 where he at first appeared at The Gaslight Cafe. He received national exposure on the summer of 1963 at The Tonight Show of NBC. Bill’s debut Long-Playing Record is the Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow…Right! which released in the year 1964. His masterpiece is his To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With album. Gradually the comedian began rising in his career and also got into the acting career. However, his reputation got tarnished with his sexual assault cases. 

New Mug: Billy Cosby

Bill has got a new prison mug in prison, which features him smiling, and there is a hanging of disposable mask from his face. Cobby’s mug shot got a recent update as done by the Corrections Department of Pennsylvania. It is in their routine which they do to mark the document changes of the appearance of the inmates as they age. The photo for the new mug shot took place on the date of September 4. Bill’s nickname was America’s Dad and also a beloved comedian once. He was also the first sexual misconduct convicted celebrity in the era of #MeToo. 

The official Twitter account of Cosby also uploaded the blurry photo later in the evening. He was using a prison telephone for doing the same. A text also accompanied the photo. It states that Andrew Wyatt, who is his publicist, took the photo during a virtual conference call on video with Cosby. The image also posted as a way of showing good faith that during the pandemic he is doing good for reassuring his supporters and family. Bill gave a big smile for his photo, but it does seem that he is ageing.

Sexual Assault Cases: Billy Cosby

Billy is not only charged with one case of sexual misconduct, but several of them, including rape, child sexual abuse, sexual-assault by drug facilitating, and sexual battery. There is also a video of describing his sexual assault behaviours by comedian Hannibal Buress went viral. Allegations against Bill spans the accidents from 1965 to 2008. Gradually his career also began to suffer as many have cut their ties with him. 

Later on, many people numerous civil suits and one criminal surge filed against him. On April 26, 2018. a jury trial found Cosby guilty of aggravated indecent assault of three counts and sentenced to prison. 

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