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According to the reports, the court have ordered Inventory of all the belongings of Phil Collins, and Orianne Cevey.

Divorces are always ugly, but when they are related to an affair, they become even more ugly and sad for everyone connected to it. Whenever people separate, it’s not only The Separation of two individuals but the separation of the entire property and the wealth that they have created together. Sometimes parting ways and separation of wealth during a divorce gets dangerous and cause a lot of destruction.

Most of the time, when it comes to separation of property and wealth, the court of law intervenes to keep everything civilized between the two separate individuals. There is also need of some third party which gets appointed by the court of law to help the court in taking a non-partial decision.

A huge name of music industry singer and songwriter Phil Collins is suing his ex-wife Orianne Cevey for not leaving his property even after their divorce. He has also expressed his worries about his belongings which include expensive decorations and his piano and has requested the court to give all his belongings to a third party to keep for a particular duration until his wife leaves his house. According to Phil Collins, there is a chance that his ex-wife Orianne Cevey will try to destroy his valuable belongings, and for that, he needs his belongings to be safe. Read the full article to know the real story.



About the divorce of Phil Collins, and Orianne Cevey:

Orianne Cevey left singer Phil Collins absolutely miserable when she broke up with him over a text message and remarried someone named Thomas Bates in August their wedding watch secret. Still, the news broke out when Orianne Cevey even after her divorce absolutely refused to move out of the house of the singer and the songwriter Phil Collins. Orianne Cevey is also blackmailing Phil Collins about releasing his sensitive pieces of information in the media if he will not do as she says a and pays her a huge amount of money. The ex-wife of the singer Phil Collins is still living in the same house as him. Phil Collins has filed a case against his ex-wife and your husband about them not moving out of his house even after his divorce with Orianne Cevey.



He is also asking the court of law for the restraining order against his ex-wife owns a lavash property herself in Las Vegas. Phil Collins has shown concern towards his valuable belongings and wealth and got an order from the court of law for all his valuables to get Inventoried by the third party of someone else who can take care of the belongings until the matter gets over. The fans of the singer are hoping the best for the singer and are praying for him to get justice from his wife.

The singer is trying his best to save himself and his property from his ex-wife and her new husband. The decision of the court about the restraining order for Orianne Cevey and her husband is still pending, but we are hoping for Phil Collins to get the justice as soon as possible.

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