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Loni Willison, homeless seen after two years on Venice’s street, according to her she is still doing okay.

When we think about Hollywood, we always think of it as the glamour industry. We see Hollywood actors and actresses with their spouse and their family members posing in front of the camera showing their happy, glamorous and luxurious lifestyle. But the uncertainty of this industry is terrifying if we think about it.

One day you are on the top of your game, and the next day you can be in the very bottom. It’s not only the Hollywood stars who suffer the consequences of change in the industry, but sometimes their family also faces serious consequences, including losing their entire luxurious lifestyle.

Something like that happened to Loni Willison, which changes your entire life. From being the wife of a Hollywood star Jeremy Jackson who is famous for his performances in huge budget movies such as Baywatch and a renowned fitness model herself to becoming homeless and disappearing from the LimeLight completely. The fans of both Loni Willison and the actor Jeremy Jackson are in shock since the news broke out recently. In this article, you will get full detail about Loni Willison and her current Lifestyle on the streets of Venice.

About Loni Willison:

Loni Willison was the famous supermodel of her time and who got married to the renowned actor Jeremy Jackson. Both the famous personalities got married in the year of 2012 the news of their wedding made headlines and made fans happy. Everybody who knew the couple was thrilled to learn about their marriage and was giving their blessings and good wishes to the newlywed couple.

The two celebrities Loni Willison and Jeremy Jackson were, also thrilled with their wedding, and they were proud of their decision of spending the rest of their life together. In 2014, only two years after the marriage, the differences between the couple was evident for everyone to see, and the couple decided to get separated.

The news of the separation of this couple again made the headlines. The fans were devastated to hear the story of the divorce. After the divorce, the fitness model and influencer Loni Willison avoided facing cameras, and her public appearances decreased dramatically until the year 2018 when she completely disappeared from all the available platforms. In the year 2016, her meth addiction and her struggle with mental illness were also on its peak, and everybody suspected that she is getting some treatment. Recently after two years of her getting disappeared from all the public platform, she was found the beach in Venice.


She is homeless and living on the streets of Venice when this news broke out, she was offered help from Rehab centres, but she denied all kinds of service saying that she is doing okay. According to her the Downhill and her path towards the life of homeless started in the year 2018 when she lost her job as the cosmetic assistant due to her addictions, but she said that she is fine and happy current lifestyle Venice.


About Jeremy Jackson:

Jeremy Jackson, known for his role in Baywatch he is a citizen of America. He is also a singer. The star also became famous when he participated in the reality TV show famously known as Big Brother, which was very popular among the youth. He was married to fitness influencer and model Loni Willison for two years, and then they got separated. He was also thrown out of the reality TV show Big Brother only after four days of participating.

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