Power of Art, established by a group of local Brockton-based artists, collaborate with TB12 on their latest project.

People have continuously looked for ways to express their beliefs in a non-violent manner since time immemorial. Thus, art and music have grown to be overwhelmingly popular forms to convey their opinions and thoughts. This form of communication is extremely efficient in articulating what needs to be said while maintaining a peaceful decorum. Therefore, Power of Art, a group of artists hailing from Brockton, has made drawings and murals their weapons to protest against widespread injustice worldwide.

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About: Power of Art

A group of Brockton-based local artists decided to set up the Power of ArtEstablished sometime in June of 2020, the group’s main aim is to voice their disapproval against racial injustices, cruelty exhibited by the police, as well as unending riots and disturbances across the nation. Consequently, a mural consisting of seven colourful fist-shaped depictions raised in unison, on the exterior sidewall of Champion Ice Cream situated at Legion Parkway, was their first project. Currently, the group are occupied on the fresco at Empower Nutritionin association with the nutrition and sportswear brand, TB12, the company which Tom Brady established. As such, they are working on a t-shirt design competition on the theme of social justice.

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Members: Power of Art

The members of Power of Art include local artists, namely Roland GilbertLindsay LozaTricia Seda and Salena McAlarney. The team also comprises Barbatt Jocelyn and Jamaal Bonette. All of the afore-mentioned names serve as both current and founding members of the group.

Aim: Power of Art

Power of Art claims that ‘Art’ is their means of rebellion. As such, their motto stands “Art is our protest“. Consequently, the group has declared that its mission is to unify the mass through art. With each member being a resident of the town of Brockton, Power of Art aims at developing opportunities for fellow artists in the town to react and join in their protests. These protests are on a vast number of topics, ranging from racism to injustice in the enforcement in law. The members state that their job is to reveal and expose the corresponding times as it is, be it a happy period or a stretch of misery.

Latest Project: Power of Art

The latest project undertaken by Power of Art was in association with TB12, the company owned Tom Brady. The collaboration offers the group the broadest platform it has received as of yet. It encourages artists to share their compositions and creations centred around the themes of social justice, empowerment, community pride and determination. According to TB12, this is their chance to make a change by taking a stand on the afore-mentioned theme. As such, TB12 has decided to produce and consequently, sell the designs made by Power of Art through means of its online store. Additionally, the company will donate the earnings to non-profit organisations in Brockton.

In September 2020, both Power of Art and TB12 publicised an invitation, that was open to all, to submit their respective designs. As such, the two also appealed to several local brands specialising in fashion to participate. Furthermore, even Brockton residents are encouraged to submit such t-shirt designs that represent the necessary themes. The panel of judges, comprising executives, will select up to three winning t-shirt designs in the upcoming month of November.

As of yet, the two parties involved have not revealed the date for the announcement of the selection. Nevertheless, participating artists expect it to be within this year itself or in early 2021. Nonetheless, the primary purpose of partaking of the artists hailing from Brockton is not to win, but to express their views on social justice through their art form.

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