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Revered film-maker, James Redford, untimely passes away from liver cancer at the mere age of 58

It is never easy for one to cope with death, be it that of a loved one or merely an acquaintance. This fact stands even more so if the individual who passed away is respected by the masses and loved by many. Thus, such is the case with the untimely death of revered filmmaker James Redford.

About: James Redford

David James “Jamie” Redford, more commonly known as James Redford, was an active documentary filmmaker and environmentalist. Born on May 5, 1962, to father Robert Redford and mother Lola Van Wagenen, James grew up in New York City. Robert is a well-known retired actor, activist, and director. Furthermore, he had three other siblings named Amy HartShauna Jean, and Scott Anthony. James married Kyle Redford and conceived two children, namely Dylan and Lena.

Career: James Redford

James Redford’s career commenced with his first documentary film in 2012. The film named The Big Picture, Rethinking Dyslexia, centers around the difficulties and predicaments that DylanJames‘ son, faced while in school. Following the 2012 documentary release, in 2013, James distributed another documentary titled Toxic Hot Seat. The movie featured various health issues that the utilization of flame-retardant materials, found in most furniture, could cause.


With the consequent rise in fame, James started creating more biopics of similar nature. Therefore, the list entails Paper Tigers, aired in 2013, Resilience of 2014, and Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution, that premiered in the year 2017. Playing for Keeps, James’ latest work, aired in October 2020 at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Finally, sources reveal that the famous filmmaker was working on a documentary called Where The Past Begins. Specific fans and speculators claim that the movie would be based on Amy Tan. James and his father, Robert, are co-founders of the San Fransisco-based The Redford CenterThe non-profit establishment that revolves around environmental film-making is responsible for creating high-end films and encouraging fellow filmmakers by lending them grant money.


Latest News: James Redford

James Redford passed away on October 16, 2020, from liver cancer at just 58 years. He expired at his home in the city of Marin County in California. The doctors ruled the cause of death to be bile-duct cancer that had developed in the liver. James has been suffering from an almost incurable disease for almost thirty long years. Nevertheless, he gave his all to experience an everyday life despite all the hardships. Besides, James had a prior liver transplant back in the 1990s. The organ donation had a significant impact on his life, giving him a second chance to prove his existence.


Family ResponseJames Redford

The media has stated that 84-year old Robert RedfordJames Redford‘s father, was mourning with his family for the unexpected passing away of his son. James‘ wife, Kyle Redford, made a Twitter post expressing her immense grief. The post consisted of an emotional message addressed to her husband and pictures of her family together. Kyle declared that James had lived a rather beautiful life where many people loved him. Additionally, she proclaimed that as his wife 32 years, she was wholly grateful for the remarkable children that they had raised together. Furthermore, Kyle states that she could not have done so without her husband’s cooperation and help.

The James Redford Institute, established by James in 1995 for creating an awareness relating to transplants and lack of donors to even circulating necessary and items raising money for the purpose, remains as the filmmaker’s most outstanding achievement. The passing of James Redford has left a massive hole in the industry. Nevertheless, his contributions to society will always remain evergreen.

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