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Singer Halsey came out with a new look by shaving her hair and people are loving the latest new look

Halsey’s real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, who is a popular songwriter and singer of America. Halsey is no stranger when it comes to undergoing striking transformations, especially in hairs. Now, the singer switched things up again and debuted with a new hairdo recently. Halsey is now in limelight and talk of the internet for her new hairs. Let’s know in details all about the singer and her new hairdo.


About: Halsey

Halsey gained attention through social media platform for her music and became famous. She is only active in music, but also other platforms such as protests of racial justice, advocacy for victims of social justice, and awareness for suicide prevention. Her music career began in 2012 at the age of 17 when she began posting videos of her in several social media platforms such as Tumblr, YouTube, and Kik. Her debut single is Ghost which made her famous overnight. Many record labels contacted her subsequently. However, she signed with Astralwerks record label. Eventually, she chose her stage name as Halsey although she performed under various stage names. Halsey also like tattoos as she has made 29 of them besides also loving different hairstyles. 


New Look: Halsey

Halsey once again surprised the fans and public by debuting with a brand new look. The 26-year-old singer uploaded a Tiktok video with a viral sound of her brand new bald look on her official channel in Tiktok by captioning it as, “I did it.” She appeared at first with a long brown wig in the video but the flips her head upside down and appeared with the new look in a sly smile. Halsey also posted a photo of her look on Instagram and captioned it as, “Just in time for beanie weather.” She also took her new look to Twitter and said that she loves being bald. The TikTok video is also available on her Twitter and Instagram account. 

Reason for the New Look: Halsey

Fans are loving her new look, and many had also commented on her new look. One fan even asked her reason for going bald. The singer replied that she was growing her hair for a long time and she would not shave it until she saw it as long and healthy. Once she saw it as long and healthy, then she thought it was lovely but missed being bald. Finally, she shaved her hair. Previously on October 15, the singer said that everybody was mean to her when she was bald. Now, can she go bald again or what since every hot girl has a bald head ever.

Love from Fans: Halsey

One fan wrote that Halsey is looking so beautiful that she also wants to go bald. Another one said that she is happy as Halsey shaved her head on the awareness month of breast cancer although the shaving has nothing to do with month. One follower wrote that the new look is fantastic. Another one added that they love Baldsey. 

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