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Fans speculate the release of the widely anticipated third season of the television series, Mirzapur, in early 2022

Although it is undoubtedly true that Bollywood shows is not as popular as those in Hollywood, we cannot undermine the former’s potential. This potential comes up unexpectedly through specific releases that turn out to be super hits and well-appreciated on a worldwide scale. As such, the latest distribution of the second season of the famous show, Mirzapur, gives fans hope of a third season as well.


Mirzapur is a widely appreciated crime thriller which comprises of epic action scenes. The web television series, produced by Excel Entertainment is available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video. The makers primarily filmed most of the stages of the series in the city of Mirzapur. Additionally, viewers can witness individual shots in Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Ghazipur, Gorakhpur, Sultanpur, Lucknow and Varanasi as well. As of yet, there are two available seasons if the series. Season 1, publicised in November 2018, has nine episodes while season 2 consists of a total of 10 episodes.

Release Date: Mirzapur Season 3

Amazon recently released season 2 of Mirzapur on October 22, 2020. Initially, the producers set the release date on October 23, 2020, but circulated it a day prior. As such, viewers do not know much about when the third season will release if there will be one. The reason for this claim is the strong credence of the cast members. Furthermore, one individual from the Amazon representatives has given his consent towards the development of season 3.

Therefore, since the involved authorities have not confirmed anything regarding the matter, we can speculate specific details. Many believe that the third instalment might get a potential release sometime in early 2022. Nevertheless, there is good reason to believe in the existence of the supposed Mirzapur 3.

Cast: Mirzapur Season 3

Even though the producers have made no official statements regarding the existence of the third season, we expect the cast to remain consistent with the previous two seasons. The list of characters includes Pankaj Tripathi as Akhandanand “Kaleen” Tripathi and Ali Fazal in the role of Govind “Guddu” Pandit.


Additionally, we have Brahma Mishra as Lalit who is a friend of Munna Bhaiya and Shriya Pilgaonkar playing Sweety GuptaDivyendu Sharma starring Phoolchand “Munna bhaiya” Tripathi mentioned earlier, and Rasika Dugal as Beena Tripathi make for some other cast members. Nonetheless, viewers can verify all details only after a formal statement from the producers or Amazon itself.

Plot: Mirzapur Season 3

Since season 2 of the series serves as a continuation to the first part, the third instalment might be a perpetuation of the latest release. It is also possible that season 3 may entail something completely different, such as the premise of any side character’s life. However, the possibility of the first case stands more compelling than the latter. In that case, Mirzapur 3 will finally clear up the debates and speculations caused by the conclusive cliffhanger of season 2.


Therefore, we may be in for the aftermath of the extensive shootout that gravely wounds Munna and Kaleen Bhaiya. Furthermore, fans expect the season to elaborate on the rivalry and conflicts between various characters like the Tripathi, Gupta, Pandit and Shankar clans. Moreover, conjectures that Ali Fazal may appear this season as a formidable villain is taking over the internet.

Storyline: Mirzapur Series

The Mirzapur series follows the premise of governance, rule and putrescence of mafia dons. Centred around themes of crime and rivalry, Mirzapur depicts scenes filled with drugs, murders, weaponry and the dark side of the underworld. The narrative commenced with the accidental murder of a groom at her wedding by the heir of Akhandanand Tripathi, Munna. This incident causes conflicts between the Tripathi and Shankar families, the latter of which are lawyers.


These unsolicited conflicts eventually spiral out of control and lead to additional and unwarranted killings. Consequently, the deaths become fuel for revenge as various characters set out to avenge their loved ones by killing the murderer. Nevertheless, hardships and challenges fill the path to vengeance, that makes the avenger rethink their decision on several occasions. So ensues a bloodbath resulting from guns and protests.

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Trailer: Mirzapur Season 2