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Hulu will lose specific Sinclair owned regional sports networks which include Marquee and YES Network

Streaming services face a lot of opposition with companies involved in the same field. As such, fall-outs of specific deals can prove to be fatal to the company’s existence. Therefore, such arrangements are made only after careful thinking and reaching an agreement from both parties. Nevertheless, in Hulu’s case, its failed dealings lead it to lose specific regional sports networks from under its handle.

About: Hulu

Hulu is a subscription video that is accessible on demand and is of American origin. In association with NBCUniversal and ComcastThe Walt Disney Company owns the service, and the former control it on a complete basis. Initially, News Corporation and NBCUniversal launched the service as a joint venture. Later, The Walt Disney Company partnered up with the companies, as mentioned earlier. 

In 2010, Hulu launched Hulu Plus, a subscription service that showed complete seasons of various programs and undelayed accessibility to fresh episodes of existing programs. Additionally, Hulu distributed Hulu with Live TV in 2017. It is an IPTV service that featured linear television channels. As of 2020, Hulu possesses around 35.5 million subscribers worldwide.

Latest Plans: Hulu

According to the subscribers’ emails, Hulu might be on the road to becoming the next streaming service that will lose its regional sports networks. In a help centre post, Hulu mentions that starting from October 23, 2020, they will have the authority to circulate a fixed number of Regional Sports Networks or RSNs. Additionally, the email entails further details on how Hulu is unable to consent to Sinclair Broadcast Group to offer individual channels.

The emails proclaimed that from October 23, 2020, Hulu would possess no rights for the distribution of specific Regional Sports Networks that are owned by Sinclair. The subscribers Hulu + Live TV plan include these RSNs. This decision is a result of being unable to consent to Sinclair Broadcast Group’s demands. Nevertheless, the subscriber will still be able to continue their accessibility of an enormous number of sports channels, including ESPN, TBS, TNT and many more.

Discontinued Channels: Hulu

As such, the following list of region-restricted sports networks will no longer be under the jurisdiction of Hulu:

  • Fox Sports Arizona
  • FS Florida
  • Fox Sports Carolinas
  • FS Indiana
  • FS Detroit
  • Fox Sports Ohio
  • FS Kansas City
  • FS Tennessee
  • Fox Sports North
  • FS Midwest 
  • FS New Orleans
  • Fox Sports Sun
  • Fox Sports Prime Ticket
  • FS Southeast
  • FS South
  • Fox Sports Southwest
  • Fox Sports West
  • FS Oklahoma
  • Fox Sports San Diego
  • SportsTime Ohio
  • YES Network
  • Marquee Sports Network

As such, it is evident that Hulu will lose ownership and consequently drop the Sinclair owned RSNs. The list of these RSNs primarily includes Marquee and YES Network.

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