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Popular girl group Red Velvet’s Irene, publicly apologises for her prior behaviour towards a staff

Entertainment companies keep celebrities under tight supervision as their image to the public plays a vital role in their career. As such, public criticism can cause these personalities their job as well as social life. Thus, it is imperative to apologise publicly immediately in case of any discrepancies. Such is the subject of Irene, a member of the Red Velvet group.

About: Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a girl group based in Seoul of South Korea. Established and handled by SM Entertainment, the group had its debut on August 1, 2014. Four members, namely IreneJoyWendy and Seulgi debuted with Happiness, the digital single. The latest member, Yeri, joined the group in March 2015. Consequently, they performed Ice Cream Cake which became their first major launch. The music style of Red Velvet is predominantly pop in addition to occasional funk, electric and hip-hop as well. Additionally, the group incorporates themes of jazz and ballad into their performance as well.


Moreover, Red Velvet has secured several accolades throughout their career. The list includes the Golden Disc New Artist Award of 2015, the Mnet Asian Music Award in 2017, Korean Music Awards Best Pop Song in 2018 for their song, Red Flavour and also the Song of the Year Award in 2019 at Asia Artist Awards. Fans revere the group for its diverse discography. As such, the group has become the fifth most-streamed K-pop artist on the platform, Spotify. Furthermore, on the international scale, Time and Billboard have labelled Red Velvet as a contributor to Korean culture.


Apology Issued: Red Velvet

Irene, the member of Red Velvet, issued a public apology in regards to her prior behaviour. The artist made an Instagram post detailing her regret for her behaviour and asking for her fan’s forgiveness. On October 22, 2020, a stylist and editor took to Instagram to tell the story about an anonymous celebrity. The Instagram post entailed a specific encounter with the afore-mentioned celebrity and how her behaviour has humiliated the uploader. Additionally, the writer concluded with hashtags such as ‘#psycho’ or ‘#monster’.


Some keen readers speculated that the hashtags might have a relation to the songs released by Red Velvet. The suspicion fell on Irene when the primary uploader erased a complimentary post on the personality in 2016. Her apology statement stated the regret of her foolish actions and attitude. She also expressed her gratefulness to the people who had supported her in her career. Finally, the artist declares that she is lamenting on her immature behaviour and lacking words.


Response: Red Velvet

Moreover, SM Entertainment also released a follow-up statement on the matter where they conveyed that Irene had personally met with the stylist to express her regret towards her actions. Furthermore, the company claims that they feel responsible for the incident. They also stated that they would never disregard the contributions of their employees. They concluded by declaring that such an experience will not transpire ever again.

Following the posting of the official public apologies, the editor and uploader deleted their original post. This action makes viewers believe that the uploader has formally accepted Irene’s apology without any further issues.

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