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SHEIN fans are not happy with it’s new tiny bodysuit and are comparing it to Borat’s mankini.

The fashion industry has great opportunities for talented individuals who are looking to earn a lot of money and also become world-famous. The industry never disappoints its customers and always bring something new, edgy and unusual in the market. The competition between different fashion brands in the industry to make their mark and create something different inspires these fashion brands to surprise their clients with something unique, which will bring them more client in the future. To make their mark and be different from the competitions, these fashion brands never get afraid of taking risks.

They always try to experiment with their styling and try to make their products different than other fashion brands in every possible way. Sometimes the risks taken by Fashion brands work and give them their well-deserved popularity. Still, sometimes the risk flops and the fashion brand has to face use embarrassment, and the customers also get upset due to the final product. Something like that happened to Shein when it launched its new bodysuit.

The bodysuit has a high cut which is not getting appreciated the customers and the fans of the brand. The bodysuit is getting constant trolls on social media, and its photo is circulating on different social media platforms where people are making sarcastic comments and comparing it to Borat’s mankini.


About Shein’s tiny bodysuit:

Shein launched its new bodysuit in its budget-friendly section. The bodysuit costs only £9.99 but still the loyal customers, and even the fans are not happy with this bodysuit. The budget-friendly bodysuit is constantly getting trolled on the internet. The new launched tight bodysuit by Shein has a high cut which everybody has a problem with. The bodysuit, with its high court, is looking really awkward and uncomfortable. According to the fans of Shein, even the model is looking on comfortable wearing that bodysuit and the high cut is really inappropriate.

People are not liking this budget-friendly bodysuit by Shein and also making fun of the brand itself. It all started when a customer found this bodysuit and posted its picture in a group and said: “what is this!”. The picture started circulating on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and started getting mocked on all the social media platforms. The first picture which was posted on the group what use attraction from fans and everybody was shocked to see this new v-bar high cut bodysuit.

About Shein:

Shein is a very famous China-based online shopping portal with a huge customer following. It has an international presence, and it ships to countries like USA, India, Uk and many others.

The company is famous for its unique, different and modern style of clothing and accessories customized for fresh looks. Shein was also very famous in India, but it recently got banned in June 2020. Shein is famous for the variety it gives to its customers and also for its quality of clothing.

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