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Aussie overseas player for KKR, Pat Cummins, jokingly teases fellow teammate Shubman Gill in the latter’s mother tongue

Teammates teasing each other is a prevalent situation in sports and games, in general. Nevertheless, this common situation turns outright comical if the teaser mocks his opponent in their native language. So happened when Pat Cummins made fun of Shubman Gill in the latter’s mother tongue, Hindi.

Both Pat Cummins and Shubman Gill are players contracted to the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). The team Kolkata Knight Riders is the third most flourishing franchise in the history of IPL, winning the game in the years 2012 and 2014.

New Anthem: Kolkata Knight Riders

All the teams participating in the Indian Premier League possess their very own fan anthem. Consequently, the fan anthem for KKR this year is ‘Laphao’. In the language Bengali, the word ‘Laphao’ directly translates to ‘jump’. The anthem, composed by rapper Badshah, highlights some of the memorable happenings of the franchise from the previous matches and subsequent seasons. It also includes specific moments from the current, ongoing season. As such, the fan anthem featured  Shah Rukh Khanpopular actor and the co-owner of KKR as well.

The Badshah of Bollywood took to his social media to broadcast the team’s new anthem. The live session related to the unveiling started a hilarious note. Many players including  Eoin Morgan and captain  Dinesh Karthik were present during the live stream. It was in this session that viewers witnessed Pat Cummins the Australian fast bowler good-humouredly mock his teammate, Shubman Gill.

Episode: Kolkata Knight Riders

In the live session held to reveal the new anthem of KKR, viewers had the experience of witnessing the most expensive overseas player in IPL history, Pat Cummins, jokingly tease his fellow teammate Shubman Gill. The incident was even more hilarious as Cummins did so in Gill’s native language, Hindi. The event transpired with the simple question by Shah Rukh Khan to Cummins whether he was now able to converse in Hindi with a teammate, Kuldeep Yadav.

The latter revealed that Cummins had indeed learned a few words in the discussed language. Consequently, Shah Rukh Khan asks the player to share something in Hindi. To this request, the Aussie pacer replies, “I’ve learned some words from KD. Shubman tera Baal Ganda hai”. For non-native speakers, we can interpret the words as “Shubman, your hair is dirty”.

Reaction: Kolkata Knight Riders

This unexpected reply by Cummins shocked the viewers and left some of the attendees laughing uncontrollably. However, the team’s co-owner did not merely stop there. He went on to inquire Cummins about his new quirky hairstyle, to pull the player’s leg. However, the KKR contestant answered rather honestly stating that assistant coach Abhishek Nayar did it for him. The episode concluded with Shah Rukh Khan uproariously advising the other team members to steer clear of Nayar’s room in the future.

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