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Borat 2, starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Dani Popescu misrepresentation of Kazakhstan, the people of the country have mixed reaction about the movie.

Movies play a great role in representing a particular culture or a particular community. Most people believe what they see on their screen and make a perception about one particular community or one particular part of the world just through what they see on their TV screen. Borat one was a comedy movie which showed strong content, and use of strong language yet became successful among fans.

It made a huge fanbase, and people loved the movie. After the success of Borat one, the maker decided To make Borat Two. Both the part of the movie Borat one and Borat Two is based on Kazakhstan. The movie has shown Kazakhstan in a very different and derogatory way. The actual country is wonderful and not at all, like what they have shown in the movie. In Borat Two, they have shown Kazakhstan as a country where women don’t have their own voice, and they are kept at home.

People are predicting the movie Borat Two to be as successful as its first part. The views of the people and the government of Kazakhstan is divided. Some people are happy that a comedy movie is based on their country, but some people are offended by this exaggerated representation of the country.

Release date: Borat 2 

After Borat 1 and its immense successes, both the fans are excited for the release of Borat 2. Although the movie has the use of strong language and graphics, people love this comedy-drama and are eagerly waiting for the release of its second part. The fans are thrilled to now that Borat 2 is releasing soon on 23 of October 2020. We are hoping for this comedy-drama to be a success just after its release like Borat 1.

Cast: Borat 2 

We all know that the most important factor in the successes of any movie is its cast and their performances. Borat 2 is no different as most of the fans of the movie are just waiting for the second part of the movie to see their favourite actor Sacha Baron Cohen on the screen once again.

The film is also filled to the brim with cameos, well not actual cameos but real-life characters parodied by the mockumentary. The film has a character, played by Dani Popescu from Romania, who is a parody of real-life Kazakh president. Another character in the movies who is vital to the plot is Borat’s 15 years old daughter Tutar who is portrayed by the Bulgarian actress Bakalova. She forms a bond with her estranged father throughout the course of the movie.

Plot: Borat 2 

As is evident from the first film, this movie series has no coherent plot line but rather it is a collection of comedic scenery which sometimes are offensively strung together with skinny background plot. The story of the second film starts with our main character(Borat) who has been in a jail cell for the last 14 years because of the shame he brought to his country in the first movie. The leader of Kazakh, who operates from a dark-damp basement, gets him out and sends him on a mission to Bribe Mike Pence with a monkey.

But Borat’s mission is sabotaged by his own daughter who sneaks into the USA with him, and now both of them continue their quest to get out from this mess. The Background plot is fragile but filled with offensive humour such as that Kazakh leader wants to spread covid to get in the leagues with Kim Jong and Putin.

The Controversy: Borat 2 

The Basis of Borat movies has always been to deliver edgy humour based on the xenophobic beliefs of people in the west. The first film was a satire based on the ignorance and isolated culture of both the USA and Countries like Kazakhstan.

Both movies have received mixed reactions from the people actually living in the real world nation. When the film’s production crew decided to make, a fake Twitter handle to hurl prophanities at Uzbekistan the whole nation of Kazakhstan started to spam #cancleBorat. Even the president Nursultan Nazarbayev has also criticized the film’s portrayal of his nation as an anti sematic misogynistic nation. If the government the film that is still not known.

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