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LaLiga 2020-2021, “Clash of the Titans” as Messi’s Barcelona and Real Madrid go head to head in this seasons first El Classico match.

The football fever has returned as football fans are gearing up for a season of exciting and fierce matchups in the Spanish football league La Liga 2020-2021. The La Liga is one of the oldest and most popular clubs league in football, right up there with the all famous English Premier League. These matches are the birth ground of one of the most famous rivalries in the history of sports and football, between F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F.

Football has always been one of people’s favourite sports. It is one of the most followed sports of all time. People all around the globe love playing and watching football. The football fans are very excited by the news of La Liga. But to much disappointment to the Indian fans the much-awaited match of the league which is also the first match of this year La Liga 2020-2021 will not be premiere live in any part of the country.

The La Liga 2020-2021 league is today (24 October 2020). The is between old rivals F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F, and this is making fans more excited for today match. Every football fan from around the world, especially people who follow this Spanish football league La Liga is eagerly waiting for today’s match to start in the evening.

About La Liga league: La Liga 2020-2021 

If you are a football fan in any part of the world, you know about Spanish football league famous by the name of La Liga. Every year the league start with matches between 20 football teams. La Liga is very popular among the people of Europe. It is the top-rated football league all around Europe. The league La Liga is also very popular in other countries of the world which makes it the sixth wealthiest sport of the world of all time.

In this football league, there are 38 matches where every football team plays twice. The two winning teams face each other. The winner of the final match becomes the ultimate winner of the league for that particular year.

The El Classico: La Liga 2020-2021

The list of sport’s most famous rivalries is topped by the rivalry between F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid F.C. the clash between these two titans of the game is called El Classico. This season’s first El Classico match is all set for 24th October 2020 7:30 pm IST. Fans are excited for some of the best matchups between these two teams as each team is coming into this match after a loss.

Yet here are some players you must watch out for during the game. In the competition for the best-experienced attacker, the clash is between Madrid’s Vinicius who was a deciding fact in the last year’s race for the title and Barca’s Sergi Roberto who has not been in the team for some time but can be a pick for his experience of big games. Another Clash which fans are looking forward to is the battle of the midfielders. Here Barcelona’s Coutinho has the upper hand as he has already scored two crucial goals for his team meanwhile his competition from Madrid’s side Casemiro who is the best midfielder of that side but has had a rough start this season. But the ultimate battle which the fans are hoping for is between the captions of the sides, i.e. Ramos vs Messi. This can still in the hinges as it is not sure whether Madrid’s skipper will play after his knee injury.

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