The CEO of Richmond, Brendon Gale, counters the allegations made against the Tigers that labelled them as arrogant

Viewers and fans, in general place sports teams under severe criticism for their actions, be how trivial it may be. We may attribute this behaviour to the fact that fans like to picture these players and contestants in their desired light. As such, when the players turn out to be different than imagined, fans tend to label them with offensive words like ‘arrogant’.

The same situation transpired with the Richmond Football Club, or more popularly known as the Tigers. Nevertheless, CEO Brendon Dale stepped forward to defend his team against such baseless accusations. He used the term ‘laughable’ to describe the allegations against the Tigers.

About: Tigers

The Richmond Football Clubor the Tigers, is a professional football club that adheres to the Australian rules. The club participates in what is considered football’s premier competition, the Australian Football League or the AFL. After the commencement of the team in 1885, they played in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond till the year 1907. After that, the Tigers contested in the Victorian Football Association (VFA), currently called the AFL, and secured a total of two premierships. Richmond became a part of the AFL in 1908. Consequently, as of 2020, the team has obtained thirteen premierships to date.

The Tigers’ uniform generally comprises a black guernsey in association to a yellow sash. Additionally, the team, with coach as Damien Hardwick, has Trent Cotchin as its current captain. Five of the team’s players, namely Kevin BartlettRoyce HartIan StewartJack Dyer and finally, Kevin Sheedy, have instated their names as ‘Legends’ into the list of the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Indictments: Tigers

A series of events led to people labelling the Tigers as arrogant. Viewers dished out this criticism as the result of the observed lack of discipline this season, especially in their match against the Lions. The allegations were concerning the fact that Shai Bolton, Marlion Pickett and Dustin Martin wasted the four separate 50m penalties for a 15-point loss. Fans have perceived this absence of regulation not only on-field but off-field as well. As such, the team’s humility came under question as a result.

Furthermore, the authorities spotted players Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones disregarding the AFL’s COVID-19 protocols. People identified the two players near a Surfers Paradise strip club. Consequently, concerned authorities handed the team ten bans. Moreover, just a few weeks before the afore-mentioned incident, BrookeTrent Cotchin’s wife, received severe criticism following a social media post on a day spa visit. Additionally, the club incurred a $45,000 fine.

Response: Tigers

In response to the assertions made against the Tigers, Brendon Galethe CEO of Richmond, announced a defence statement on the Grand Final day. He firmly declared that his club had a well-established sense of identity, that defines their character as well. Furthermore, he admitted to having made mistakes the year. Nevertheless, to call them arrogant for it was merely laughable to GaleGale went on to claim that this situation was a convenient narrative to take down the reigning premier. Finally, he again emphasised on the fact that his team is an extremely humble group with equally high standards.

Besides, Gale is well aware of the fact that arrogance is deadly for a team of their level. This incident is the first time that fans have held Richmond in such opposing views. However, they only consider this as another trial to strengthen their club even more.

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