Week 7 of the NFL season 2020, kicks off with a match between Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals, teams make changes in their Roster.

Week 7 of the NFL 2020 season is going to start today. Fans have never been more excited as people who have been through so much during this COVID pandemic are getting top-quality entertainment. Before the start of the season, there was a genuine question in the minds of the people that weather NFL 2020 is going to take place or not.

Among the plethora of disturbances and health concerns, players and organisers are braving all odds to bring quality football to the people. NFL is also the most famous sports league in America right up there with the NBA. These leagues also give a huge contribution to the US economy as an average NFL franchise is worth over 2.75 billion dollars.

The viewership and fanbase of these leagues are huge. Football, especially American football, is very famous among all the generation of not only America but all over the world. NFL games averaged over 15 Million views last year, and it is safe to assume that these are going to increase significantly this year.

Although the NFL is primarily an American League, it has influenced all around the globe as games have been held in Mexico and London as well. The latest week promises some exciting games as teams have just gone through the trading process. One such game that we will be focusing on today in this article which is between Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. So if you are a fan of American football, read the complete article to know more.

Preparations: Cincinnati Bengals Vs Cleveland Browns in today’s much-awaited match.

Its the battle of the orange teams both from Ohio and its a rematch. If that’s not enough reasons to watch this game of American college football, experts are predicting it to be the highest-scoring game of the season. Both the teams have been struggling after their decent start in this year’s tournament.   

Cleveland Browns are recovering from their huge loss against Pittsburg Steelers 38-7. They have been struggling to play well and score, but they have continuously taken the excuse of better defence by the opposition. Well, this time they won’t have that excuse. Cincinnati Bengals have been the most generous team in terms giving away points. They blew their 21 points lead against Indianapolis Colts. Also their quarterback Joe Borrow has been struggling as he has been taken down more times than any other quarterback in NFL.

The Cincinnati Bengals team management has decided to make four big changes. These changes are meant to bolster their defence after their humiliating defeat. They have brought DT Mike Danials of Iowa university from the reserves. Mike Danials was injured during practice on October 1 2020. Mike Danials had two tackles this season before his injury. He will make a huge difference in the Bengals defensive line. He has replaced DT Kahlil McKenzie. 

Another veteran CB Winston Rose, has been elevated from the practice squad to the active role, especially for this match. He has replaced CB Torry McTyer. The team is hoping that these changes will help them in winning today’s game.

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