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Coca-Cola, decides to remove 83 year old billboard from San Fransico bay area, citizens protest to make it a monument.

Landmarks and monuments are a big part of a city’s identity. All these monuments and structures hold significant value for people of that area. Even those who have never been to a city can recognize it through these landmarks. Hollywood sign in Beverly Hills is one such example. It’s so iconic that it gives the city a brand value.

The same logic applies to the welcome sign of Las Vegas. But sometimes a huge billboard or an advertisement can also be just an iconic part of a neighbourhood. One such example is the iconic Coca-Cola sign in the towers over the San Francisco bay area.

But now the company has decided to remove the sign. Coca-Cola has decided not to renew its lease for the advertisement board. Many people are not happy with this movie from the soft drink company. The Billboard is over 80 years and a quintessential part of the neighbourhood Skyline. In this article, we will go over the reason behind the removal of the advertisement board.

People of a particular city has their attachment with the histological symbols attachment of that city. Whether it’s a memorable building or a simple billboard, every monument tells the story of that particular area.

Reason for the removal of the iconic Coca-Cola sign:

The residents of the San Francisco bay area are dying to know the reason behind this extreme move of removing this iconic landmark of their area. The reason for removing the duel sided white on red “Enjoy Coca-Cola” board is the dawn of the internet age.

The company representative Dora Wong has said that although they will miss this monument from the 1930s, the company is shifting its advertisement priorities. The people of Bay are not happy with this decision as Coca-Cola already spends 4 million dollars on advertisements in this city.

It might be that the Coca-Cola company is taking its revenge against the city. San Fransisco was among the first cities in the U.S to force soft drink companies to put warnings on their products. The warnings of obesity and tooth decay cost the companies like Coca-Cola tons of money. The city also earned 1.64 million dollars extra from soda tax. After all these measures, Coca-Cola had warned the city administration that they would pull their advertisements.

Another reason is the online advertising business with high returns. As Coca-Cola representative Dora Wong said, the company is diverting funds from physical billboards to online websites to reach more customers. Online advertising is also much cheaper and a smarter option in today’s marketing era. Despite all this explanation from the company, people are still trying to save the billboard. The people and the city administration are willing to turn the billboard into a monument after Coca-Cola is removed.

It might also be safer to remove such large and old construction to be removed in the bay area’s current stormy weather. The board overlooks the Bay area bridge, and in hurricane-like winds, its 80-year-old foundation might not hold up as well. It is better to take it down and turn it into a monument for the people’s safety.

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