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Dwayne The Rock Johnson, said that his blood tastes like Teremana and BlaMoan sauce after getting injured in the gym.

Fitness is something which cannot be ignored in daily life. In the business of movies and in a business of sports which required incredible physical strength such as wrestling everyday training plays an important role. For people who are in these businesses take their gym routine and their everyday fitness routine very seriously.

Wrestling is a sport which requires everyday rigorous training which includes heavy weight lifting and even some hazardous exercises. Our wrestlers work very hard to stay in shape and stay fit for their matches. With all those heavy weighing metal pieces of equipment, the gym is not a very safe place. Many times we have heard Savere unfortunate accidents happening in the gym in which people had even lost their lives.

People sometimes get Sevier head or neck injury which can lead to Paralysis or can be fatal. Most gym injuries are not fatal but require stitches or even operations in some cases. Something like that happened recently to the very famous actor and wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He got injured on his forehead near his eye during exercising in the gym.

About Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s injury and his video:

Recently Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, while he was working out in the gym. The actor posted a video using his Instagram account, telling everyone about his injury. Later in his video, he licked his own blood which made his fans a little disgusted. In the video, The Rock first told his fans that staying fit is a real struggle and it’s not like reading a nursery rhyme. He explained to his fans that while he was exercising with a 50-pound chain, he got injured.

The real shock for fans was when The Rock wiped off the blood from his injury and licked it. The wrestler defined the taste of his blood the same as that of Teremana sauce and BlaMoan sauce. The actor also confirmed that he needs to get stitches after his training because the injury is deep. After the video was posted, it got 16 million views from all over the world.

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He posted his picture with his injury and his video on his Instagram account. The fans were anxious about his injury, but what he did next shocked everyone. The wrestler Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, first explain the fans how hard it is staying fit every day and how he got injured but later in his video he licked his own blood. His fans and his followers were really shocked by his blood licking act.

The fans of the wrestler very supportive about the effort he put in his work and his fitness. His followers were a little worried about his injury but also quite disgusted by his act of licking his own blood.

About Dwayne The Rock Johnson:

Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, is a very famous Hollywood star. His has done movies like Fast and Furious franchise and Baywatch. Dwayne Johnson is now a part of the DC cinematic universe. He is going to fight alongside Justice League as Black Adam.

Dwayne, The Rock Johnson is also a very famous wrestler. He has a huge fanbase all around the globe. People love him both as an actor and a wrestler and always appreciate his hard work. He is famous for his tough action roles in movies, but this incident shows he is also badass in real life.

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