President Donald Trump may still not unveil his alternative to the Affordable Care Act even in case of re-election.

Presidential elections have a significant impact on people’s lives, whether they vote for the candidate or not. As such, such elections must be organized carefully, with the necessary campaigns by the candidates. Whether the people will re-elect the contemporary President Donald Trump or allow the promotion of Joe Biden remains one of the most discussed topics of 2020.

The 2020 re-election for the post of President of the United States of America is approaching fast. Therefore, people must sensibly and judiciously decide for whom to vote. Consequently, at the moment, what plays the most vital role in the people’s decision is the Affordable Care Act or the ACA.

About: Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is officially called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and as the Obamacare offhandedly. Endorsed by the 111th United States Congress, it is a federal decree in the United States of America. On March 23, 2010, the then President, Barack Obama, signed the act into law. The ACA, in association with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, passed in 2010, acts as a representative of the functionality of the U.S. healthcare system.

Additionally, the law imposed a host of reforms of the delivery system that aimed at restraining the cost of extensive healthcare while improving its quality. The act’s primary purpose was to preserve the prevailing Medicaid and Medicare structure and the employer market. Nevertheless, this decision led to the fundamental overhauling of the individual markets. As per the act, it became mandatory to purchase insurance that covered a catalogue of ‘essential health benefits.’

Opposition: Affordable Care Act

The ACA did not pass without incessant disapprovals. Even after its enactment, it received unceasing repeal calls and legal challenges as well. Initial polls unveiled the majority opposition by the Americans before acquiring the preponderance backing in the year 2017. Nevertheless, people started to question the decree’s constitutionality following the decision of President Donald Trump in 2019. The pronouncement by Trump enjoined the withdrawal of the federal tax penalty incurred by the ACA’s violation.

Should President win the upcoming re-election, the chances of not disclosing the promised healthcare plan seem prevalent. While many do not encourage the change in the healthcare system, others do not seem to mind any replacement plan in the ACA’s retraction. Nonetheless, Trump assures people that the alternative to the ACA will far better and at a more reasonable expense than its predecessor.

Unveiled Policies: Affordable Care Act

In September of 2020, at a North Carolina campaign, President Donald Trump disclosed a compendium of proposals on healthcare. The proposal termed the America First Healthcare Plan was, however, not a concrete plan. It consisted of a vague collection of assertions, particularly those related to lowering drug costs and improving healthcare facilities’ accessibility in rural areas.

However, the present President did not reveal any further claims on the matter after the speech. Working at George Mason UniversityLen Nichols, a health policy professor, affirmed that Trump liked to use empty words. Moreover, he believes that the President does not have a substantive policy as of yet. Finally, he concluded by stating that he was unsure of President Trump‘s operations in the second term rather than abolishing the Affordable Care Act.

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