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Stephen King’s Carrie, actress Sissy Spacek opens up about her struggles and method acting for the role of Carrie White.

Throughout the years, we have seen many acting performances which left audiences speechless. We love to appreciate these actors and the film. But it is rare to look behind the curtain and see how much effort is actors put into their work. One such measure which you actors dare to take is method acting.

Method acting is when an actor takes his role beyond the stage. They live as that characters in their daily life. It is a massive sacrifice of personal life for their work. Many of the method actors face mental or physical trauma, but they do it for their audiences. It is a tragedy that sometimes that work goes unnoticed. But few actors reach legendary status because of their method acting. Actor Heath Ledger became world-famous porous portrayal of Joker in the Nolan Batman series. Other actors such as Johnny Depp, Jamie Foxx, Al Pacino and Daniel day Lewis are all known for their method acting.

But rarely do we see women in this method acting roles. We live in a world where women are cast in movies based on their glamour. So it is tough to imagine that women go through this ultimate social sacrifice of method acting. But actresses like Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman have given some incredible performances by living their characters in real life. Sissy Spacek is also part of this elite actress league of method actors. Sissy got most famous for her role in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie. She was also able to display her full talent of getting into the mind of her characters in this film. So let’s look at what was Carrie and what did for this role?

About the struggles Sissy Spacek during the filming of Carrie:

Stephen King’s adaptations are almost as famous as his novels. Carrie was Stephen King’sfirst Breakout novel. To put such a great novel on the big screen, the entire team of the movie has worked very hard. The actress Sissy Spacek give up hygiene just for her role in Carrie. She did complete justice to her role, and she went to great extent to achieve that. The director and the makers of the movie were not very happy with her casting in the movie, but the actress took up the challenge and gave up basic hygiene such as brushing her teeth to get her role perfect. Carrie is a movie about a poor girl who due to her poor financial condition, had to roam around the street barefooted in baggy old clothes.

It’s about her struggle with bullies in her school and her fanatic religious mother who used to lock her in the Attic. Sissy Spacek wanted the audience to believe everything she was presenting on the screen and to achieve that she put Vaseline in her hair. Her struggle finally paid off when the movie got its success. The critics appreciated her role. Sissy Spacek was nominated for Oscar for her role as  Carrie White.

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