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Sad news for the modelling industry, former Miss America, Leanza Cornett’s sudden demise shocked family and friends.

Everyone is already depressed due to this covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. People are tired of staying at home and are feeling lonely and depressed. Another sad news arrived for America’s people when the American model and Ms America winner Leanza Cornett died recently. Death is always tough for people to handle and talk about. Nobody wants to deal with the pain of losing someone close.

The fans and family of TV star Leanza Cornett are experiencing tremendous grief. Leanza Cornett was very humble and down to earth woman as she is the only “Miss America” winner ever who refused to wear her crown in public. She used her platform to spread AIDS awareness and educate people, especially teenagers, about AIDS. Her sudden death has shocked her family and friends. The ex-husband and the children of the model are trying to find the strength to face this situation. They try to remember her good memories and give her their final goodbye after her sad and sudden demise.

Early life and career :

Leanza Cornett was born in Virginia in June in the year 1971. Cornett was in the entertainment industry well before she got her big break in Miss America beauty pageant. Leanza’s first national pageant was the National Sweetheart pageant, which she won in 1991. Then she became Miss Florida one year before her Pageant win on a national level. Cornett’s first break into the performance arts/acting was through her role in Disney’s live-action stage performance “Voyage of Little Mermaid”. Leanza Cornett played the lead role as aerial and received a lot of appreciation, which led her to do more acting performances in the future.

She won the Miss America title in 1993, which put her on the path to success. After her victory, she bagged hosting roles on shows like New Attitude (1998). The famous TV celebrity also appeared in several TV shows and had guest appearances in episodes of Fear Factor and some crime shows.

In 1995, Mark Steines, who is another TV host, got married to Leanza Cornett. Their marriage was loving and sweet but also not quite as long-lasting, only 18 years. They had two children together named Kai and Avery. The celebrity couple separated in 2013, but they still had lots of love for each other. Steines expressed his grief about his ex-wife’s passing and said that he always tries to hold onto her memories that wonderful time they shared, and Cornett will be the guiding star for their children.

Leanza Cornett’s Cause of Death :

The press release by beauty pageant association doesn’t list any cause of death. So there is no official reason presented yet. Still, NBC news associate sources revealed, Leanza Cornett was hospitalized due to a head injury in her hometown in Florida. Her Facebook group, made by her fans about Lzeanza, revealed a few things.

On October 16th, Facebook post updated that the pageant holder Cornett had suffered a severe cranial injury. She was admitted into the ICU and was unconscious. Her injury and its cause are still a mystery for the Public, but no police investigation has been reported, so that it might have been an accident.

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