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The recognized media magnet, Beyoncé, uploads pictures on Instagram, revealing the honey-toned apparel from her second Adidas x Ivy Park collection.

Collaboration between companies in the same industry is exceptionally conventional. However, we can deem only a few of these partnerships as successful. Even so, if any revered celebrity heads these cooperating enterprises, the chances of accomplishments spikes by a considerable degree.

As such, the recent association between Adidas and Beyoncé‘s clothing line, Ivy Park, has acquired colossal constructive responses right from its initiation. Furthermore, the sneak peeks into the second range of Adidas x Ivy Park have also garnered viewers’ favourable reactions.

About: Adidas x Ivy Park

Adidas is a transnational conglomerate established in July 1924. Its eminence lies second only to Nike. The firm, situated with its headquarters in Germany, transacts business primarily with textile and footwear related goods. Conversely, Ivy Park, co-established by Beyoncé and the British tycoon and industrialist, Sir Philip Green on March 31, 2016, is positioned in New York City. Operating with Parkwood Entertainment as its parent consortium, it specializes in apparel and various leisurewear.

On April 4, 2019, Adidas entered into a partnership with Ivy Park, launching Ivy Park Goals. Consequently, the connexion allowed the latter to take-off into the commerce of shoes and output enhancing paraphernalia as well. As a result, the first Adidas x Ivy Park collection, inaugurated on January 17, 2019, sold like hotcakes in the mere span of a day.

Drip 2: Adidas x Ivy Park

On October 19, 2020, Beyoncé took to Instagram to disclose specific collections of the second Adidas x Ivy Park range. The uploaded post revealed a field of showy orange flowers with a mountainous milieu. Additionally, it consisted of the caption “DRIP October 2 30. This Is My Park“.

 Moreover, on October 28, 2020, the personality shared another post, ‘HONEY DRIP,’ showing off her fabulous body, displaying honey-toned apparel from the Drip 2 collection. As of yet, the official second assortment is unavailable to the masses. Nonetheless, the authorities will make it accessible online from October 29, 2020, and in the Adidas stores from the consequent day.

By the official Adidas x Ivy Park teaser’s statements, this line of sartorial has taken its stimulation from various factors. This directory includes the strength, spirit, pliability, and inner beauty of entertainers who have discovered their haven or park.

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