Bledisloe Cup 2020, New Zealand All Black secures the series 2-0 while Australian Wallabies face an embarrassing loss.

In 2020 people are starved for new content to watch, and that includes sports as well. Many fixtures in major League baseball, basketball, football and soccer have returned after the pandemic. People are excited to see the return of their favourite teams in action. Sports also fuels a large portion of any country’s economy, so it is essential to get it back and to run as fast as possible. NFL matches are grabbing everyone’s attention with better than ever home viewing experience for the fans.

One sport which gets rarely talked about in the USA but it has a large fan following across Europe and Oceania is Rugby. Although American football is based on Rugby, it is not popular in the USA. But if you are a fan of this sport, then you must have heard about Bledisloe cup. Every sport has its arch-rivals, and this cup is played between the oldest Rivals of this game, i.e. Australia and New Zealand. This tournament consists of 2 to 3 matches every year and has a long history going back to the 1930s. The national Rugby team of New Zealand called the All Blacks took on their Tasmanian rivals the Australian Wallabies on the evening of 31st October 2020. Let’s look at the fate of the game and who came out victorious in this age-old rivalry.

About Bledisloe cup III 2020:

Going into the match, we had the record that New Zealand had won 47 matches since the start of the cup. Meanwhile, Australia had only 12 wins to their name. Fans in Sydney were cheering for their team to change the history. Despite the home crowd advantage, the Wallabies faced an embarrassing loss with a score of 5 to 43 in favour of All Blacks.

Fans of Wallabies are disappointed by the performance of the team and their constant losses. This is their worst loss faced by any team in the history of the entire tournament. Wallabies came into the game with minimal playing experience in their squad. This inexperience of the opposition helped All Blacks in gaining a 26-0 lead within the first half an hour of the game Blacks were in a very dominant position.

Australia began a valiant fightback in the second half, but it was not enough. The national team of New Zealand showed their class. They kept scoring even under pressure and maintained their lead. This was disheartening for 25000 Aussi fans who attended the match live hoping for a win. This is the 48th win for New Zealand.

They have sealed the three-game series 2-0. The New Zealand’s team has ensured their winning of this series and the Bledisloe cup 2020. The victory feels sweeter as New Zealand have won without the home advantage on enemies ground. It has been over 10 years since they have won a cup in Australia. The last time they won in Australia was in 2009. The match was fun to watch, and New Zealand is thrilled by this huge victory by their team.

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