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Multinational conglomerate Sony will potentially purchase anime streaming site Crunchyroll for about $957 million.

Anime stands as an ever-rising entertainment medium with different genres, explicitly shounen, shoujo, seinen, josei, horror, and many more. With people driving away from the unsubstantiated discerning that anime is for kids only, it has been on an even more perpetual elevation. As such, it has, in many instances, overtaken the Hollywood industry with its hits and high grossing masterpieces.

Even among the big names in the trade, Crunchyroll has managed to override most. Consequently, the streaming site has proven to be a leading player in the industry. Therefore, the news that Sony would potentially purchase the afore-mentioned site has shocked some fans while pleased with the others.

Apropos: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll stands as a purveyor, producer and accrediting corporation and video streaming site, centred around manga, anime plus Japanese television series, termed dorama. Established in 2006, the distributor supplies content to global registered consumers. The channel, with “Hime” as its sanctioned mascot, has partnered with AJA.

Crunchyroll proffers more than a thousand anime shows and series all over the world. Although the site is region-restricted in specific areas, most people can easily access it to stream their desired content. Consequently, as of 2020, it has as many as three million subscribed users. Nonetheless, viewers can alternatively stream for free and without registration.

Regarding: Sony

Sony Corporation, popularly called Sony, stands a transnational enterprise of Japanese origin. With its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, the firm came forth in 1946. The concern manages dealings in electronic goods and being the most massive video game and console manufacturer.

The company’s latest slogan exists ‘Be Moved,’ recently changed from ‘Make.Believe‘ in 2014. It exists as a Nikkei 225 segment on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, in association with TOPIX Core30 indices.

Topical Covenants: Crunchyroll and Sony

Contemporary reports suggest that Sony plans on purchasing Crunchyroll. According to Nikkei, the current holder, AT&Tcould be in for a hefty sum of around $957 million, or ¥100 billion, in exchange for the streaming service. Consequently, this transaction could make Crunchyroll a potential competitor to the streaming giant, Netflix. Although Sony possesses its private anime, comprising recent hits like Kimetsu no Yaiba, it has been authorizing it through other streaming sites. Similarly, the same situation ensued with Sony-owned Funimation and shows, namely Shingeki no Kyojin, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, One Piece, and so forth.

Conversely, Netflix has also been developing its originals, including Beastars, Devilman Crybaby, plus Castlevania. This acquisition would grant Sony admittance to over 1000 works and 30,000 Crunchyroll episodes.

Corollary: Crunchyroll and Sony

This agreement would allow Sony exclusive rights to Crunchyroll‘s three million worldwide registered subscribers. Additionally, the firm would control all titles comprised within the streaming site. Initially, AT&T demanded $1.5 billion from Sony, which was revisioned to the current amount on the grounds of the price being too steep. Nevertheless, whatever amount reimburses the exclusive rights over Crunchyroll will surely be worth it. We can hope to see the fan-favourite site on par with Netflix or Hulu very soon.

Anime has grown to be an essential competition to Hollywood and other U.S. based works. All streaming services compete relentlessly to obtain the rights to feature the masterpieces of the anime world. Consequently, news of potential promotion of Crunchyroll is but a pleasant melody in every otaku’s ear.

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