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Indian Premier League’s Rajasthan Royals debunk prevalent misconceptions about menstruation.

Although menstrual hygiene is a mounting concern for all women, the general public seems to view discussions on the matter as unethical. Despite there existing no justification, it has become an unsaid rule not to talk about menstruation freely, out in the open.

Nonetheless, IPL‘s Rajasthan Royals are no followers of this mass-adhering stigma. As such, they answered specific questions on menstruation and uploaded the post on Twitter. Individuals have widely appreciated this act by the cricket team for their courage to break away from the masses.

Regarding: Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royalspopularly abbreviated to RR, stands a cricket squad hailing from JaipurRajasthan. The team, established in 2008, contends in the Indian Premier League. Fans largely revere the group’s players for their unpolished yet prospective potential. Conversely, the team has also been the subject of various scandals and polemics.

The Royals emerged victorious in the 2008 IPL plus the Champions League Twenty20 in 2013. Following a two year suspension in 2015, the Royals returned to the match in 2018. The contemporary captain is Steve Smith, while Andrew McDonald serves as the coach.

Latest Episode: Rajasthan Royals

Robin Uthappa of the Royals conducted a rapid-fire quiz session. In association with him were plyers Rahul TewatiaJos Butlerplus David MillerThe confab entailed questions randing from thier opinions on men purchasing sanitary napkins to even premenstrual syndrome. The primary purpose of the discussion involved shattering prevalent fallacies on monthly menstruations.

Interested individuals can find the conversation’s video on the team’s official Twitter page. We can witness the afore-mentioned crew sharing their conceptions and knowledge on periods. For the video, the Royals partnered up with Niine India, a brand dealing in women’s hygiene products. Thus far, the Rajasthan Royals ustands the first IPL team to proudly sanction sanitary napkins’ distribution to improve menstrual hygiene for girls, following their collaboration with Niine.

Reception: Rajasthan Royals

It is an explicitly known fact that men tend to shy away from conversations on feminine hygiene, especially those about menstruation. Furthermore, besides third-world countries, even advanced areas unjustly consider discussions on the matter as taboo. Therefore, to survive the backlash from the masses, even women have to converse on the topic in whispered volumes.

As such, netizens extensively acclaimed this act by the Rajasthan Royals to break free from the stigma. The people appreciated this beautiful exploit owing to the candid way they carried it out. Consequently, the video went viral on social media and garnered constructive feedback from quite many viewers.

Even though menstruation is a ubiquitous subject that is even taught in schools nowadays, the patriarchal society deems it the matter as something immoral. As such, with regards to their unjustified claims on it being unscrupulous, most people refuse to talk about menstruation openly. These people go as far as to prevent their children from indulging in discussions related to the matter. Nonetheless, it is due time the masses realize that knowledge about any matter can never be a sin. Consequently, it may turn out to be helpful later in unanticipated situations.

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