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Our favorite James bond left us for the better world, Sean Connery passing away left the whole world mourning.

Often in movies, some characters become memorable and pop culture icons because of their connection with the audience. This connection is essential as if people aren’t interested in these characters, they would not be interested in the movies. Some actors become the face of the characters they play. Sometimes even their identity is mixed with that character. We have seen this happen with the Harry Potter films. The lead actor Daniel Radcliffe became a synonym for the word Harry Potter. Most people recognise him only by his screen name of Harry throughout the globe.

Another actor who became the face of a world-famous fictional character was Sean Connery. He not only portrayed the role of James Bond, but he also gave the character his iconic suave style. He gave the character his identity and developed the entire series of James Bond from an early age. But his influence on movies extends far beyond the character of Bond as he has done iconic films like Indiana Jones and The Rock.

So the news of his passing shocked Hollywood and the entire world. The legendary actor passed away in his nineties on 31st October 2020. People all around the world are affected by his demise. The actor was old, but it is still hard for everyone to accept the fact that he is no more with us. Many actors played the role of James Bond after him, but whenever we think about this series, the name that comes up in our mind is of Sean Connery. So let’s take a trip down the memory lane to the early life and career of this legendary actor. Also, we’ll show how the whole world is paying their tributes to him.

About Sean Connery:

Sir Sean Connery was an acting legend. But his early life was filled with struggle as he came from a low-income family and had to do manual jobs before his acting career took off. During his childhood, he worked as a delivery boy and lorry driver after that. He was also part of the Scottish soccer team and got an offer to play for Manchester United Football Club.

He joined the Royal Navy during World War II. Although he started his career with a musical, his big break came with the Bond series. Sir Connery first portrayed the character in the film “Dr No” and continued as bond till 1983. His last film was “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” after which he announced his retirement in 2007. In his career, he received a lifetime achievement award and an Oscar for his film “The Untouchables”.

Tributes to Sean Connery:

The whole world has lost a very talented actor and an exquisite gentleman. People are flooding social media sharing sites like Instagram and Facebook with his memories. Daniel Craig, who plays the character of James bond, currently has tweeted and sent his condolences to his family.

To commemorate his death, people are watching his movies and remembering his famous characters. Let us know which one is your favourite film of this legendary actor and producer.

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