State representative Karen Whitsett says, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will get an early release from prison.

We all feel a little weird when we think about someone being Locked Up in prison. When we hear about someone from politics or a huge personality being imprisoned due to some criminal activities. Politicians are expected to be the idols of society. We get shocked when someone from politics gets sentenced the whole society feels ashamed. But politicians get so much power and authority that sometimes they try to challenge the law.

Power sometimes makes these politicians so naive that they stop caring about the law. But no personality is above the court of law, and anyone who breaks the law should prepare themselves for the repercussions. Even the most powerful people of the world face the consequences of breaking the laws. But when someone powerful, especially a politician gets arrested or even gets out of prison, the news becomes sensitive. Every big or small media channel try to get a bite from such huge news.

Sometimes people also spread rumours of someone getting out of the prison to gain public attention. People who spread rumours on such topics blames the unconfirmed sources for the information they are spreading. Most of the time, this information from the unconfirmed sources are false. Sometimes these pieces of information turn out to be true. The story of Detroit’s former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is the same. In 2013 he was charged with a whole lot criminal charges for which he was sentenced to jail by the Supreme court of Detroit. So in came as a shock to everyone when State Representative Karen Whitsett said that the former mayor might be getting released today. We will see how and why the mayor was imprisoned and why is he being released.

About Kwame Kilpatrick:

Kwame Kilpatrick was the former mayor of Detroit, and he remained at this position from the date of his election to his imprisonment day. He was elected as mayor of the city in 2001 when he was just 31 years old. He became the youngest person to hold this position in the history of Detroit. But it wasn’t long before he fell into the trap of corruption and embezzlement. He started using Public funds for personal gains like buying an SUV for his wife or to pay for expensive dinner.

His bills amounted to over $200,000. This came at a time when the city of Detroit was already in $230 Million debt. Despite all this, he got re-elected, but in his second term, his crime caught up to him. Kilpatrick was charged with 21 different crimes, including embezzlement and fraud (including mail and wire fraud). He was sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment in 2008.

Reason for his early release:

As State Representative Karen Whitsett said, Mr Kilpatrick is being released because of the corona pandemic. He is suffering from severe health conditions which might be one of the reasons for the immediate release of the former mayor.

Former Mayor Kwame’s sister had confirmed this news as she tweeted that his release is on compassionate grounds and keeping his health conditions in mind. She also thanked everyone in Detroit who kept them in their prayers. It is still unknown whether this is a permanent release or a temporary relief. All we know that it is a sigh of relief for Kilpatrick Family.

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