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Social media addiction became the reason behind the arrest of Adrien Broner, Instagram reveled the truth to the world.

This is the time of Technology, especially social media. People are putting all kinds of things on social media from their most amazing holiday to their heartbreak. Social media has given us the power to express what they feel.


From a click, we can connect to people of different nationalities and different continents and tell them how we are feeling about our day about our week about our month and our whole life. Most people share their good memory on social media for the people to see.

Some people open up about their entire life on social media. People sometimes share every moment of their life on social media. They talk about their plans and present condition. People are using different social media platforms as a medium to share their views and opinions and to talk about their lives to millions of people just through one click.

But sometimes social media becomes the reason for the destruction of the life of some people. Excessive use of anything, whether it is a social media platform can lead to danger. Sometimes people share too much, and others take advantage of them due to their social media addiction. You can read about many cases where social media platforms had helped the cops in finding a long lost criminal.

Social media sometimes also helps the law of finding the truth behind any criminal activity. A social media platform, famously known as Instagram, help the court in the arrest of Adrien Broner. Adrien Broner is a very famous boxer. He was accused of sexually molesting a woman. The woman filed the case against him and won $800, 000.

About Adrien Broner Instagram post:

In December a woman filed her case against Adrien Broner. According to the women Adrien Broner sexually assaulted her. Adrien Broner lost the case against the women. The woman won $800, 000. Court ordered the boxer to give the women $800, 000 as soon as possible. The boxer told the court that he could not pay the woman as he doesn’t have that much money. The court gave the boxer relief for a while due to his poor financial condition.

But on the birthday of his daughter recently Adrien Broner posted a picture on Instagram with bundles of Dollar on the table. The post instigated people, and they were asking about his financial condition—the judge who was handling his saw the picture. The judge ordered his arrest. The boxer is arrested. The proper investigation of his financial background is going on.

He boxer got arrested recently because of lying about his poor financial condition to the court. The truth came out when the boxer posted a picture on Instagram on his daughter’s birthday recently showing bundles of dollars on a table. People who follow the boxer on Instagram are happy with this news. Adrien Broner is in jail. He will have to pay the victim $800, 000 if his financial condition is fine. People are waiting for the court’s order.

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