Georgia’s Kim Jackson becomes the first-ever openly LGBTQ+ woman to attain the position of State Senator.

The masses often condemn the LGBTQ+ community for no justifiable reasons. They seem to consider homosexuality, or any sexual orientations other than heterosexuality, as a sin. Therefore, more often than not, the LGBTQ+ people are denied jobs at establishments or any such significant positions.

Nevertheless, Georgia’s Kim Jackson proved to the world that one’s sexuality has nothing to do with its corporate world capabilities. She made history by becoming the first-ever openly LGBTQ+ State Senator. Additionally, she does so, acquiring almost double the number of votes obtained by the contemporary Republican in the position.

Concerning: Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson stands as a politician plus a pontifical priest of American origin. She stood for the position of State Senator of Georgia as a Democratic candidate. Consequently, the candidate won the 2020 general elections representing the 41st district. Accordingly, she has effectively supplanted Steve Henson for the post, the latter retiring as the outcome. Therefore, the world will witness Jackson as the very first openly LGBTQ+ State Senator ever.

Additionally, she remains the primary non-white priest to receive an ordain granting her a station in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Subsequently, she operates as a Church of the Common Ground cleric, offering services to the homeless. Furthermore, Jackson also serves in the role of a counsellor, college pastor, and being a community reverend plus an active advocate. She will assume office commencing from the January 2021 term.

Accomplishment: Kim Jackson

In the whole of Georgia, there have been only two instances of black LGBTQ+ characterizing women to attain the office of State Senator thus far. Consequently, Jackson would be the third to do so. Moreover, the candidate acquired the post will an overwhelming three-fourth amount of votes, establishing her as an unmistakable triumphant. Furthermore, she has also attained validation from the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Her principal campaign strategy involved the proposition of a “comprehensive anti-discrimination bill,” one comprising sex, religious beliefs, sexuality, and of course, capability. Additionally, she preached the reduction of internment rates, sustainability amongst households, sterner gun restrictions, and an overall comfortable lifestyle of Georgia’s people. Furthermore, her campaigns included better childcare accessibility and Medicare expansions.

Reception: Kim Jackson

The overpowering number of votes that Jackson received represents her dominance in the elections. It also demonstrates her overwhelming amount of supporters. Annise Parker, LGBTQ Victory Fund’s CEO, congratulated the candidate on her victory by releasing an official statement. She proclaimed that this incident would encourage further LGBTQ+ women and of-colour individuals to take a stand. She also urges these people to recognize their abilities and show enthusiasm towards such activities. Parker states that Jackson is capable of differentiating between politicians who use religion as a weapon to discriminate.

Jackson’s victory re-establishes the fact that the LGBTQ+ community can consist of people of faith as well. Only 42 of-colour plus openly LGBTQ+ serve as state Legislators thus far, among which 13 are black. This figure has been on a perpetual plus steady rise, much to people’s contentment.

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