Report shows thousands uninsured American’s have lost their lives due to the Policies of Trump administration.

The US elections have been the talking point all over the world for the last few months. People are speculating whether Trump will maintain his position or will the republicans make a comeback. One thing that is for sure is health will be a major issue for this election. Covid crisis has not only pushed the public health services to their limits. But it has also shown glaring weaknesses in current health policies. During this entire COVID-19 period trump failed in handling the situations. There were lots of people who lost their lives during this pandemic and even before that.

This was due to the President’s blatant disregards for those who were insured under Obamacare. In his attempt to purge everything which came during the Obama administration, President Trump Chipped away at the Affordable health coverage of poor US citizens. According to the reports released by the National Health Interview Survey, an alarming number of have become uninsured over the last 3 years. Today we will look at the results of this report and what it predicts about the future of the US public Healthcare system.

About the Report:

Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a thorn in Trump’s side. President sees it as a reminder of the Obama Administration. So Trump was determined to undermine it. In doing so, the Trump administration has put the lives of millions of Americans on the line. The report which was published in health affairs journal reveals that over 2 million Americans have become uninsured due to the budget cuts of the Trump government. This has occurred during a three years period starting from 2016.

The study shows that loss of health coverage has cost over 3000 lives even before the covid pandemic. The worrying thing is that this is the least possible estimate and the number of deaths could be more than 25000. The survey shows that the most vulnerable and affected communities are African Americans and Latin American immigrants. This is surprising as the surveyors we are expecting the opposite to be true. Before the pandemic hit, the USA’s economy unemployment was lowest in months. Cambridge Health Alliance who conducted the survey was expecting more people to get health coverage due to lower unemployment numbers. This shows the effect current government policies had on the current situation of Health Insurance.

About the actions of Trump administration:

Trump administration has repeatedly undermined the ongoing health crisis in The United States. The president himself has mocked the idea of wearing masks in public. Despite the seriousness of the health situation in The US, Trump’s supporters act oblivious and call COVID a hoax. This has been detrimental to President Trump’s own health as he himself tested positive for the Virus.

Regarding the ACA or Obamacare, the current government says that it costs taxpayers a huge amount of money. The Trump administration calls it anti-capitalistic and against a competitive insurance market. This statement does not hold as the data shows that in its absence, the general public has suffered greatly.

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