Bernice King questions the possibility of police violence had the Arizona protestors been armed Black individuals.

Even after all these years, many people still hold the conception that makes white people superior to those personages of colour. For unjustifiable reasons, such people discriminate against darker-skinned individuals, especially black people, even today. Although we have proudly entered into the 21st century quite some time back, advancements in technology remain prominent. At the same time, those progressions in human mentality seem to have come to a standstill altogether.

The most recent case of George Floyd‘s death proved to the world that discrimination based on skin colour remains prevalent in specific parts. Accordingly, most seem to believe that many times when violence had materialized would not have transpired had it been white individuals in question. Consequently, Bernice King rightly pointed out the tragedy that could have ensued had the Arizona protesters been black people.

Concerning: Bernice King

Bernice King stands as a rector of American nationality. Additionally, she exists as Martin Luther King Jr.‘s youngest descendant. Her father expired from assassination when she was but five years of age.

Furthermore, Bernice was an active adherent of Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign. She felt that his nomination would transpire to be a realization of her dreams. Additionally, she remains the first woman to have received the Southern Christian Leadership Conference‘s presidency in history.

Assertions: Bernice King

Bernice possessed the courage the police’s actions in the event of the Arizona protestors being black individuals. She questioned the constabularies’ intentions if the armed black public had been the one to encircle ballot centres as a means of dissent against the government. This exploit is precisely what many of Donald Trump‘s supporters did following the topical 2020 elections.

The public figure uploaded a Twitter post on November 5, 2020, where she questioned the public on the matter. Currently, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has a more significant number of polls compared to his Republic opponent. Consequently, this led to Trump’s supporters leading an uprise. They arrived carrying firearms outside Arizona’s election stations, demanding to tally every vote accurately.

As of yet, neither Trump nor Biden have been able to acquire the conclusive 270 votes necessary to determine the triumphant. King claims that there would indisputably have been violence had the protestor been black-skinned.

Reception: Bernice King

It is quite evident that there have been no outright objections to King‘s claims. After all, recent events have made it difficult to deny such avowals. Furthermore, King is not the only personality to make such harsh yet factual statements. Demand Progress’ electioneer, Robert Cruickshankhad some similar declarations to make.

Nevertheless, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office reached out to the media to declare that they have been keeping an eye out for the crowd. Despite the proclamations, they have arrested no protestor thus far, nor have disseminated any credentials. Furthermore, the sheriff’s office did not reveal any further comments following the declaration. Consequently, this action makes people question the way of treatment towards of-colour people. The masses are enraged as they are yet again reminded of Floyd‘s unfair death.

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